stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


28. Studio

Maddie's P.O.V

We arrived at the studio, I was shaking and it was pretty visible too.

"Princess it's okay he won't hurt you" Niall said calmly

"And no one will" Harry added, Emma nodded. I walked into the doors hand in hand with Niall. The lobby was decorated in red velvet, common now a days. We then entered the studio where the other boys were. Liam was in the booth, Louis and Zayn were seated on the couch talking about whatever famous boy bands chat about.

"Hello boys, where have you been?" I hear a familiar voice pronounce, oh god it was Simon. I start to tremble.

"Maddie?" Emma asks teasingly knowing my fear. Niall notices my shaking and holds me in a tight embrace.

"we were at StarBucks" Harry answered knowing Niall was trying to comfort me.

"Why is Maddie shaking?" Zayn asked. Harry being the kind person he is decided to tell them and to say it loud enough for Simon to hear.

"She's scared of Simon" the boys have their snickers, but then get serious.

"Maddie the only thing 'scary' about that man is his chest hair" Louis said not knowing Simon was behind him. Simon stepped in front of Louis and glared at him.

"Hi Maddie, you are a lovely young woman and Niall is a very lucky man" Simon said in a very mild and sweet tone, I was flattered. I then loosened my grip on Niall's hand. His face loosened up very quickly. Emma stepped forward to greet Simon and pulled me along with her.

"Come on Maddie he doesn't bite" Liam said softly

"He bit me last week" Zayn said loud enough for all of Europe to hear. I walked to Simon, he held his arms out and held me in an embrace. All the boys' mouth's dropped.

"HE HUGGED HER" Harry exclaimed. I stood there in his embrace smiling.

"GROUP HUGG" Louis screamed and then Simon backed off.

"No you don't deserve my hugs, only pretty girls with a fear of me, and myself" He then wrapped his arms around himself.

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