stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


26. StarBucks

Emma's P.O.V

Maddie and I enter the StarBucks with Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor. I exchange looks with Maddie, we are both nervous that we will receive hate once fans recognize we took 'their man'. I look over at the door and there is a crow of people surrounding it, Maddie's face lights up with glee."NIALL" she screamed as she ran into his arms. Then there was me who just walked to Harry, who was running to me. He stopped

"Why no excitement?" I roll my eyes and back up so he gets what he wanted. He picks me up and spins me around. I'm pretty sure I kicked someone. He set me down and I saw Maddie and Niall snuggling on the couch (Maddie is clutching her wrist....OOPS).

"Thanks for kicking me Emma" Maddie said with a sarcastic grin but normal voice. Niall calmed her down by getting their drinks. Harry went to order for me when some girls came up to Perrie.

"Perrie can we have a picture with you". Her "little mixers" found her I thought nothing of it, But then two girls went up to Eleanor and Danielle, "Hi, we absolutely love you guys can we have a picture?" the girls agree and they ask me to take the picture. They didn't recognize me, but they did notice Maddie with Niall because I heard Maddie's first verbal hate from angry Directioners.

The shorter (taller than Maddie), fake red head started the attacking.

"Why the slut Niall?" I'm taken back by that. Maddie doesn't react the way I thought she would. I have known her all my life she wouldn't just sit back and laugh. Harry walked over to me and than the girls realized I was Harry's girlfriend.

"Harry, You too?" All of our faces dropped at the same time. El, Dani and the boys just sat there while Maddie stood up, she was very mature about it.

"Hi girls I understand your anger that they didn't choose you, But now that they know you have the decency to hate on us even though you don't know a single thing just proves your immaturity." All of us were in shock but i knew she wasn't done yet, luckily they just left before saying another thing to us. "Emma, are you ever that sassy?" Of course Harry would want to know that.

"Erm...I guess."

Harry's P.O.V

"That was a very mature response Maddie" Niall said before kissing her forehead.

"EMMAA, MADDIEE" I heard a flamboyant voice come from the front of the StarBucks. The girls looked at each other in excitement.

"Nick!" they said in unison.

"OMG you guys are actually dating Harry and Niall" He extended his hand out to me and Niall. "Hi girls, I'm Nick" Their lips started to quiver in laughter I decide to talk.

"Well I'm Harry, Emma's boyfriend" I laugh and Nick's face is priceless.

He whispers loud enough for me to hear. "His voice, ermergerd" I poke Niall so I could see the reaction towards him.

"And I'm Niall, Those are the other boys' girlfriends" His face melts, I wish I had recorded this.

"Where's the main sex god?" We can't hold it in any longer, we burst out laughing. "I repeat, where's Zayn." Perrie fell out of her chair and spilled all over herself.

"Emma, Maddie we are gonna leave if you want a ride back to your flat." Danielle announces.

"They could come to the studio with us" I suggest. I think I just made their day.

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