stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


21. Phone call

Maddie's P.O.V

"Niall, I Love you, I just wanted to know the truth and-" he cut me off my kissing me "I understand, i just couldn't take that all in at once" He started to kiss me again. "I love you" i said when he pulled away. "I love you way more, in fact lets go out on the balcony" i was wondering what was so special about the balcony, we stepped out there and Harry and Emma were already out their. Then i saw the fans, Louis came out with a blow-horn and handed it to Niall. "Maddie you want to call your family and tell them first or do want me to tell the fans" i was so excited this was happening, we were together. "I want my family to know first" he nodded and gave harry the blow-horn, Before i stepped in side harry yelled into the device "Hello Directioners, you want to meet Emma" the last thing i heard out there was a roar of screams. I grabbed my phone an dialed my mum. "Hi Maddie Lucy" My aunt picked up the phone instead of my mom. "Hi, Is my mum there?" it took a bit for her to find her "Hi Maddie" i was glad to hear her voice, i missed my mum we are best friends. "Whats all that screaming?" she sounded very alarmed. "I was just about to tell you" she sighed "what, did you get tickets to your 'Boyfriend's' concert" we always joked about me dating one direction, now it is a reality. "Actually, um" she gasped when I screamed for Niall "Maddie are you serious?" I had her on speaker all the boys that were in the house laughed "Hi Mrs.Finnegan" Kurtis said while Niall was walking towards me "Hi Kurtis, i heard what happened, Are you okay?" "I'm fine Bridget" Niall was right by me now. "Mom this is Niall Horan, My boyfriend" "Hi their Mrs.Finnegan" she screamed into the phone. Niall gave me a look that screamed 'is she fangirling?' i nodded "Bill, Bill Maddie IS dating that boy she has posters of everywhere" Then Niall looked at me again he was obviously trying to hold in the laughter, But the others were cracking up. "Well your brother is gonna be there next week too remember that" "yes mom i know" and i rolled, My twin brother was an interesting character, him and Niall will get along just fine "but wait what happened to that um..Zayn guy you also liked" Zayn's eyes lit up "I am here too" he chipped in "so are we" Louis an Liam chipped in "Holy shit, you have all of them over?" we all chuckled "yes, i got to go, WE will ALL talk to you later, i love you mom" "love you too, bye mads, By boys" "BYE!"

Niall's P.O.V

"That was cute Maddie, i can't wait to meet her" she nodded "Can we meet her too?" Louis asked, she was my future mother in law, they doesn't need to meet her....Yet. "she sounds very nice Maddie" Zayn added, of course he would say that. "she is, Louis yes you guys can she will be her next month and you guys can all meet T.J my twin brother, Well Kurtis you would just see him i guess" She has a very adorable laugh, similar to mine "well i guess it's time for them to know, i called my parents last night" she was nervous i could tell "its okay" i reassured her, a tear fell down her perfect cheeks "I won't let anyone hurt you, I promise". We stepped onto the balcony, Emma and Harry were playing Simon says, we always did that it was fun. "Haz we are ready" I took the blow-horn "Hello Girls, i would also like you to meet someone" i waved Maddie up onto the chair "This is my Girlfriend Maddie Finnegan" All the screams drained out my thoughts. Then a Girl screamed "Can we meet them?" We all looked at each other, why not? "Why not, But if we do ,you can't hurt any of us you have to be calm otherwise we can't do this ever again" they screamed, we walked into the apartment. "who wants to meet about 30 fans?" they nodded, I guess it was an unplanned meet and greet. "You guys will have fun, I'm sure of it"

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