stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


15. Morning

Maddie's P.O.V

I woke up in my bed, and i felt someones arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I turned and saw Niall Horan, It wasn't a dream, I got a text from Emma

holy crap it wasn't a dream

i replied Saying that i was just thinking about that, then invited them out for breakfast. I turned to face Niall, he woke up and his beautiful eyes gleamed at me, the shots of blue made me realize yet again this is real life i was in the safe arms of Niall James Horan. "morning Princess" i melted at his accent "Morning, Mo grais" without realizing it i mimicked his accent. "I didn't realize you had an Irish accent" he said in his best American accent, i moved from America to Britain when i was 12. "neither did i" i said still in my Irish accent. We started cracking up, Then we got up, I didn't realize i was only in my sports bra and  nylon booty shorts and Niall was only in his boxers. "you are beautiful Maddie Horan" i laughed because he didn't know my last name yet. "So i can change it from Finnegan to Horan" i said again mocking his Irish tone. he looked me in the eyes "of course"

Niall's P.O.V

Maddie just got out of bed and still looked like a goddess. "You are truly beautiful, I am not even lying" she blushed, i pulled her into a tight embrace, i couldn't help but notice she had a huge bum. Without realizing my hand was already there. "You are cheeky, But i like it" she laughed out. "you are just shorter than i thought" Maddie rolled her big, beautiful, brown eyes. "Niall i love you, like you love nando's" i laughed at that remark, she really did love me since torn "my love for nando's is nothing compared to my love for you" Her jaw dropped, i pulled her in for a long kiss "do you we have to go to breakfast i wanna stay in this getup all day" she nodded, probably to agree, "we promised Harry and Emma, or at least i did, she is coming back to get dressed any second" i dropped my head and picked up my clothes. "Don't worry, Nialler, we will be comfy and cozy again after breakfast" i lifted my head up and kissed her again while holding her in a tight embrace. "I love you, Do i have to let go?" i said with a puppy dog face, emma walked in and we were both in our pajamas still. "You guys don't mind me" We blushed. "i will see you in around 15 minutes, Don't forget i love you" "I love you too, Since torn" since torn

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