stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


13. Misunderstood

Maddie's P.O.V

"Maddie i really do love you, i won't ever hurt you, if you promise you will never hurt he" Niall said while looking me straight in the eyes "I promise, I Love you, I have since torn" his smile grew with laughter, But i looked over to Zayn his smile disappeared. "whats wrong Zayn?" I pulled at his sleeve to get his attention a little more so, he bent down and whispered "You and Niall are just so perfect for each other but i want you to know that i fancy you" when he said he fancied me my face must've turned red because everyone's eyes were on me. I looked over at Niall he had a furious look in his eyes, so i just excused myself. I got a text from a number i didn't know

I more than fancy you Xxx-z

just by those words, i welled up with tears, "Maddie?!" Emma said in a frightened tone while barging/braking down the door. "i know what he said i ease dropped on them outside"Emma said in a whisper, i was still in shock, i just shoved my phone in her face. "oh my Maddie, you are living a directioner's dream" she said thinking it was funny, "its not funny i love Niall, i couldn't imagine what i would have own today without him, I need to see Kurtis once this is done, Emma fixes my make-up before we walk back to the boys

Niall's P.O.V

"what did you say to make her like this" i said while pointing at her bloodshot eyes, she looked miserable, she had went through to much today. "i said nothing" zayn said all innocently, i looked over to Maddie the intensity in her eyes grew. she leaned over to me, i felt a tear fall onto my shoulder. "guys i think me an Maddie are gonna go see Kurtis" Zayn eyes showed that he was confused. i knew Zayn fancied her but today is just to much, we only just met

Kurtis' P.O.V

I woke up and about 2 minutes later Maddie walked in with a beautiful Gown, Niall walked in shortly after. "how are you feeling?" Maddie asked, she had a stutter, like she was crying earlier. "Niall?" i asked making sure it was his name he looked down at me "could i talk to Maddie for a second" he nodded and walked out to the hall. Maddie looked like her world was burnt to pieces. "What did he do to make you cry?" i said in a stern voice "He didn't do anything" she said with an almost yelling tone, my head started to pound, i didn't care. "who did?" i sat up, it made everything worse. She just shook her head, "Maddie you can tell me anything" she nodded, her curls bounced up and down, i was in awe. "I love to many people" she grabbed my hand, and then in walked Niall. "Maddie the fans know i am here, either we go now or we have to stay overnight" i wanted Maddie to stay but she wanted to change so i just let her go, i guess that's how she met Niall in the first place, I let her go

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