stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


7. E.R

Maddie's P.O.V

What just happened first Kurtis was blacked out on the field and the next i was kissing Niall Horan. "can you bring me to the hospital" i tried my best to not have my voice crack, it failed miserably. Niall nodded and waved harry and Emma down to our section. "harry i am gonna take maddie to the hospital to see her friend" harry nodded and started talking to emma. We followed the ambulance to the hospital and went up to the front desk "my friend Kurtis Smith" "he is down the hall and 3 doors down and to the right." i nodded and thanked and nearly sprinted down the hall. Kurtis was laying there motionless, my world stopped. I felt niall's arms embrace me tightly.i don't want him to let me go.

Niall's P.O.V

She was so fragile at this point. I just met her not even 2 hours ago, yet i love her like she is my whole life. Her friend Kurtis is tall, Blonde and really muscular. i think she deserves him and he deserves her more than i do her. "want me to leave" i broke the silence."i only am gonna stay for a little bit longer, plus if he wakes up i want you to meet him." i was a little taken aback by her reply. "Niall" she looked up at me and i looked down on her "I just met you, and it's not because i stalked you or anything" she said it with a smile and i smiled back, she was beautiful, "but i love you, i know its a bit earl-" i cut her off by pulling her in for a kiss, i smiled in to it and so did she. "I love you too, Princess"

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