stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


11. dinner pt.1

Niall's P.O.V

i have been pacing back and fourth in the lobby for about ten minutes i am anxious to see Maddie in what she is wearing she will be beautiful like always. "calm down Niall" i heard Liam from down the hall "i stopped and sat down. then lift doors opened just then Maddie walked out, good thing i was sitting she was beautiful. "that's her, good job Nialler." Louis said while nudging me i got jealous and defensive "she is mine" i uttered under my breath. "Zayn said he will meet us there he is running a bit late" harry said while walking out of the lift with Emma, i just nodded because i was in a daze at how good she looked, the way the dress hugged her in all the right places and how it made her look like a princess. she started walking over to me and i stood up and grasped her into a tight embrace "you look amazing, you are beautiful" i whisper while pulling her closer. "I can say the same to you" she says in a seductive voice "you guys are so cute" Liam said while Louis nodded. we blushed together. "our little leprechaun royalty" Emma and Harry chimed in

Maddie's P.O.V

we arrived at the restaurant and of course there were fans and paparazzi galore. they kept asking "Niall is this your new girlfriend?" or "Did you finally find your princess?" we ignored it and went inside. Zayn was already at the table. he was giving me this weird look so i approached him "hi i am Maddie" he was straight to the point "where do i know you from?" i laughed and gestured Emma over and harry was following close behind her. "Well i kinda saw you on the street this morning and stomped on the gas for about 10 seconds" we all had a nice laugh then sat down at the table, i sat by Niall we held hands and were playing footsie nothing could ruin this moment.

Zayn's P.O.V

That's where i know the girls from. I was shocked to know Niall had swooped her from under my feet. "Liam remember that girl i was talking about earlier?" i whispered to Liam, he nodded and turned to me with a concerned look on his face. "Maddie is her"

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