stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


17. breakfast

Niall's P.O.V

"i am starving" i said when we sat down at a booth, They all nodded in agreement. The waiter came up to us and Maddie had a pained look in the eye. "hi i am Abraham i will be your Server today" Emma had the look of death in her eye, they knew that kid from somewhere. Once he left me and harry were asking all sorts of questions. "who is he?" harry said slower than usual, Emma shook her head and went over by Maddie who was crying. I can't seeing girls cry, let alone Maddie. "what did happen?" she looked down at the table "he um got my friend pregnant" she paused to take a breath "when we were together". i couldn't control myself "THAT CHEATING BASTARD" i couldn't help myself, i got up and walked up to him.He was easily 6 inches taller then me, "why the hell would you cheat on the most beautiful, caring, thoughtful, smartest girl in the world?" he looked own on me, realized who i was, and who i was sitting with. "Because she wanted to focus on her career and i wanted a relationship where i could be more spontaneous" he made me laugh he was tall but he had the voice of a prepubescent, i got my act together quickly. I didn't say anything more to him, but i did go to the manager requesting a new server, i told him the reason and he understood. I walked back to the booth. "what did you do, mate?" harry said rather fast. "i got things taken care of, Maddie don't worry you won't have to see him the rest of the day" I always try to defend my friends and family, but i am as scary as a baby penguin. "I really appreciated that, Niall" Maddie grabbed my hand an pecked me on the lips and the food arrived.

Maddie's P.O.V

I love Niall so much, he is a total sweetie. "Hows everyone's food?" i personally hate when servers do that because i don't know what to say. "it is good, thanks love" she stumbled away "Directioner?" Emma mumbles loud enough for us too hear. "or maybe it is just Harry's charm" Niall included into the conversation, this topic went on for about 10 more minutes. "So how is Kurtis?" i had to think a bit, i checked my phone

TxT message from:Kurtis

I am back home, feel free to stop over for dinner

"he checked out of the hospital earlier today, I might go over to his for dinner" Niall got pouty "Our relationship isn't that exclusive" i teased, he pulled me in for a kiss right in front of the paparazzi "Is it now?" he said in between kisses, i didn't want it to stop, we went deeper into the kissing but he pulled away "you are forever mine Finnegan" "Forever?" "And ever" i hope he can keep that promise


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