stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


9. awakening

Kurtis' P.O.V

all i remember from the game was staring up at Maddie and getting knocked down. I woke up in a strange room with a familiar face or two. I saw Maddie and her friend, but two strangers were at their sides. "how long was i asleep?" it hurt to talk my head pounded "About 3 hours" i hear Maddie's angelic voice, i never told her how i felt, right now wasn't the right time. "i called your parents they are on there way, i have to  leave now i will be back in about 3 hours." i nodded. "Oh and this is Niall and that is Harry" they looked so familiar where could i know them from? i just simply waved and hid my confusion from my face and drifted back to sleep.

Maddie's P.O.V

i cant forget the expression Kurtis' face when i introduced the boys he looked hurt, What did I do? Did it hurt him? "Maddie, i cant believe our fantasy for the game came true" Emma whispered as we walked to the cars. i remember that two hours ago we were in our new flat fantasizing about this now it is reality. "good thing we decided to eat after" Emma laughed. We caught up with Niall and harry. "Maddie are you okay to drive or do you want me too" Niall broke the silence, i stood there and thought about it, i wanted to stay with him so i lied and said i wasn't stable enough. "let me bring you home and then i will be back in and hour or so to pick you up for our mean dinner. I gave him the directions to our flat and we were on the road in no time.

Niall's P.O.V

I knew exactly how to get to Maddie's flat for one reason we lived in the same complex, i am surprised we didn't meet them till today. they must be the new neighbors we have heard about. "you know that we live with you guys right?" Maddie and Emma looked at each other and shared a laugh. "what are you guys laughing about?" "this morning we were trying to leave but these girls with your faces on their shirts kinda got in our way" Emma was in the back seat like a little kid laughing then harry was calling so i decided to answer over Bluetooth. "Emma, Maddie shh for a sec I am gonna answer a call on Bluetooth" they nodded and i answered

whats up harry?

Did you realize that you are going to our flat not theirs

They live with us

         Don't you think its a bit early for them to move in?

Emma and Maddie couldn't hold in their laughter.

"you cheeky boy we live in the same complex as you"  Emma said into the Bluetooth. "Sleepovers every night" harry said in his cheeky tone Emma blushed and that was that. "see you in an hour cheeky" Emma said as i hung up the phone

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