The Mystery Girl

Emma was a normal teenage girl when one day her life is flipped upside down. She meets a cheeky boy named Harry Styles from the band One Direction. She instantly is mesmerized by his green eyes. She continues to bump into Harry, but he never learns her name. Are they mean't to be, or will the remain strangers searching for lost love?


21. Ramones

Harry's POV

I sit down on the couch next to Emma. She lays her head on my shoulder, occasionally lifting her head to sip her coffee. She lifts her head and takes a sip. She tips the cup to fast and it rushes down her face. She quickly puts her hand under her chin and catches the coffee in her hand.

She sets the coffee down and walls into the kitchen. I follow her. She pours the coffee In the sink. She goes to grab a towel, but I spin her around and kiss her. I finally let her go.

"Mm, your coffee tastes good," I say and laugh. She rolls her eyes and grabs a paper towel.

"Cheeky idiot..." she whispers. I smile. We go and sit down. Emma try's to rub out a spot of coffee the stained her shirt.

"Dang it!" she whispers. I laugh.

"Do you want to borrow a shirt?" I ask.

"Sure," She says. I stand up and go to my bags. I pull out my black Ramones tee shirt. I smile, knowing she will love it.

"Here," I hand the shirt to her and she scurries to the bathroom. Within seconds she is back sitting down next to me. The shirt is a bit big on her and it falls to about the middle of her thighs, but I love it on her.

"So, when do you guys leave again?" She asks.

"Early tomorrow," Liam says. Emma nods her head and finishes off her coffee.

She stands up and walks into the kitchen to throw the empty cup away. "So, what do you want to do?" Emma asks as she sits back down. I wrap my arm around her. 

"Um, I don't know. We could go out to dinner," Maddie suggest.

"Sounds good to me," I say.

"Well, its like 4:30, we should all get ready," Emma says. The boys nod and we all go to our rooms.

I dig though my bags for something to wear. I pull out a nice shirt, some skinny jeans and a bow tie. I put everything on.

Emma comes out of the bathroom in a knee length, black dress. Her makeup is very natural and brings out all the beautiful features she has.

"You look beautiful," I say, kissing her lips softly. 

"I should say the same to you," She says. 

"Ha, come on lets go," I take her hand and we walk down to the lobby.

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