The Mystery Girl

Emma was a normal teenage girl when one day her life is flipped upside down. She meets a cheeky boy named Harry Styles from the band One Direction. She instantly is mesmerized by his green eyes. She continues to bump into Harry, but he never learns her name. Are they mean't to be, or will the remain strangers searching for lost love?


40. Never Leaving

Harry's POV

I pace back and forth waiting for Emma to come home. The door handle jiggles and she enters. "Emma..." I start.

"No, Harry." She says, walking past me and into the bedroom. I follow her. 

"Babe, please. I love you, don't do this...!" I say. Emma slips of her heels and places them by the closet door. She then grabs a tank top and sweat pants from the dresser. 

"I love you too, Harry." She switches out of her dress and into the pajamas. I grab her. 

"Hey, do we need to talk about this?" I ask. 

"I think so..." She sighs. 

"Ok, what is going on in that pretty mind?" I ask.

"I just want us to go off somewhere for a while. Just us two, where the paparazzi can't get us..." I nod my head and kiss her. 

"I agree...How about tomorrow we go eat breakfast and then just come back here and have a lazy day?" She nods her head. 

"Wont the paps get us at the restaurant?" She asks. 

"Not if we go somewhere special?" She raises an eyebrow. 

"What do mean?" Emma asks.

"You'll see..." I kiss her softly and walk into the living room. I turn on the TV. The news blares across the screen.

Emma's New Man?!?

I scoff. What a lie. I turn the TV off and walk into the kitchen were Emma is digging through the cabinets.

"Didn't you just eat?" I ask.

"No..." She mumbles. "Well, kinda. I ate like a tiny salad," She stares at the ground.

'Emma! You have to eat!" This must have been what she was expecting. I hate it when she doesn't eat enough.  

"I know I do! I just didn't want to seem like I'm fat!...Well it doesn't matter anymore. I'm never leaving this bloody house ever again!" 



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