The Mystery Girl

Emma was a normal teenage girl when one day her life is flipped upside down. She meets a cheeky boy named Harry Styles from the band One Direction. She instantly is mesmerized by his green eyes. She continues to bump into Harry, but he never learns her name. Are they mean't to be, or will the remain strangers searching for lost love?


38. Len

Harry's POV

"Did you ever go out with Len?" I ask after a much too long silence.

"God no! Our friendship was so strong it would have ruined everything! Plus he is a couple years older than me," She finishes the last sip of her coffee and tosses the empty cup in the trash.

"I mean, you obviously had a thing for him at one point! The way you look at him, and I mean, he isn't ugly..." Emma laughs.

"I liked him, yeah, but nothing ever happened. Anyway, it has been a long time since we talked last, and I love you," Emma leans to kiss me, but her phone rings.

"Hello?" She answers, with a weird look on her face. I hear mumbles and her face brightens. She walks into the bedroom saying

"Len! How did you get my number?"


Len's POV

"I called Maddie and she gave it to me," I am answer.

"Oh. Ok," She replies. Hearing her voice makes me want to melt. I have missed her so much. 

"So, how has your life changed since I saw you last?" I ask her.

"My mom abandoned me," She says. I gasp. Her mother was always such a sweet woman! "Then a woman, Cheryl, adopted me. Then she....she died," A tear spills over the edge of my eyes.

"That is terrible..." I breath. "Did you give up on your dream of being a famous singer?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, I was never good anyway," She laughs. She was wrong though, she was the most amazing singer I had ever heard.

'Oh, that's to bad...We should get together sometime and have dinner," I suggest.

"Yes!" She says, sounding much happier. "We have to do that!" I smile.

"When are you free?" I ask.

"Any time," She replies. I think about her boyfriend, Harry. Would he be okay with this?

"Ok...what about tonight?" I ask.

"...Yes." She say. She gives me her address. "Pick me up at eight, bye," She hangs up the phone.

What have I gotten myself into?  


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