The Mystery Girl

Emma was a normal teenage girl when one day her life is flipped upside down. She meets a cheeky boy named Harry Styles from the band One Direction. She instantly is mesmerized by his green eyes. She continues to bump into Harry, but he never learns her name. Are they mean't to be, or will the remain strangers searching for lost love?


35. I Had a Bad Dream

Emma's POV

Harry and I jump in the car and drive to the hospital. Harry pulls up to the front and I jump out of the car. I run up to the front desk.

"Where is Cheryl McFarland's room?!?" I ask through tears. The woman behind the desk tells me where to go much to slowly. 

I burst through the door to see Cheryl on the bed and Frank next to her crying. The heart monitor is off.

"Frank? What is going on?" The tears come down my face stronger. 

"She...she's gone?" I fall to the floor. This can't be happening! She was like a mother to me, she was my mother! I had only known her for a about a month, but I loved her more than anyone! 

Harry walk into the room and sits down next to me. "Emma?-"

"She is gone Harry!" I yell. He swallows hard. I see tears stream down his face.

I don't even know how long I stay on that hospital floor.

"Emma, Harry, you have to go now," A nurse says. I nod my head and climb up off the floor. Harry wraps his arms around me.

"I am so sorry, I don't even know what to say," I wipe the last few tears away from my eyes.

"Don't say anything. I don't mean for that to be rude, but nothing that you could say can make me any better," Harry nods his head and kissed my forehead.

"I love you," He say. I sniffle.

"I love you too," Harry takes my hand and we walk down to his car.

How is Frank feeling?

When will the funeral be? 

Who will I live with? Will I live with Frank?

These are just a few things reeling through my head as Harry drives me home. I am still crying, but silently now. 

Harry squeezes my hand every once and a while to remind me he is still there. We get to his flat. I run inside and lay down on Harry's bed.

"I hate to see you like this..." Harry says. laying down next to me," He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to his chest.

"I hate feeling like this...I have had the most terrible few weeks Harry. First I break up with you and then my bracelet broke and now...Cheryl is dead! My mother is gone!" Harry sighs.

"When I become a mother someday I am going to treat my daughter so nicely! I wont abandon her like my mother did! She acted like she cared, but she didn't.

"Then I met Cheryl, and my life was close to fine, but then she died! I hate my life!" I cover my face with my hands.

"Why are you covering your beautiful face?" Harry asks.

"Because I am an ugly crier..." I reply.

"You know who is an ugly," I take my hands away from my face to see Harry's tear covered face.

"No! You are adorable! You look like a baby panda, or something..." Harry chuckles and I feel i hint of happiness.

"A baby panda? Really?" I shrug my shoulders.

I close my eyes, snuggle into Harry's chest and fall asleep.


Harry's POV

I watch Emma sleep. She doesn't snore, but her mouth is wide open. I laugh a little. I slowly move my self out from under neath her. I walk into the kitchen and heat up some tea.

I sit down in the middle of the living room, not even on a chair, and think.

Emma has no place to go now and I'm pretty sure that she doesn't want to live with Frank. I think of how to ask her to move in with me, but no thoughts come to mind.

Why do relationships have to be so hard? I love Emma more than anything, but god, its so complicated.

I finish my tea and sit on the ground until I hear a scream. My head turns towards the bedroom. I run to Emma. She sits on the bed with her hands over her face.

"Emma! Emma! What happened?" I ask.

"You were dead Harry...and Louis..." She doesn't finish. She doesn't have to. Louis had killed me in her dream.

"Can you tell me how he did it?" She swallows hard.

"He...invited us over for dinner and stabbed you right in front of me. Then he turned to me and said 'Now I can have you all to myself'," She hugs me tight. "I was so afraid you were gone!"

"No! Louis woud never do that! Emma...just so I know that you are safe, will you move your stuff here and live with me?" Emma nods her head up and down quickly. 

"Yes," She says. I lean down and kiss her. 

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