The Mystery Girl

Emma was a normal teenage girl when one day her life is flipped upside down. She meets a cheeky boy named Harry Styles from the band One Direction. She instantly is mesmerized by his green eyes. She continues to bump into Harry, but he never learns her name. Are they mean't to be, or will the remain strangers searching for lost love?


33. Cheater

Emma's POV

"Hey, Emma?" Alec asks.

"What?" I reply.

"Guess who I love?" He ask. I fake a curious face.

"Selena Gomez?" I ask. He rolls his eyes and runs a hand through my hair.

"No, I love you," I gasp.

"Really? That's a bit weird, because I love you too!" He leans over and kisses me.

"I have loved you since that first day I really saw you when I was in 8th grade and you where in 7th. I was so scared to ask you out because I thought my friends would make fun of me for dating a sevie. 

"But I did get the courage. When I was in 12th grade-" I cut him off.

"I know, you have loved me for a really long time," I say.

"And the only person I'm ever going to love,"

That was a lie. He cheated in me. He had been for three months when I finally found out. I felt terrible. I had called him the next day.

"Why did you cheat on me?" I ask Alec.

"Because you are ugly and fat and I'm freaking gorgeous. I could have any one I want. I don't even know why I was ever with you. I asked you out on a dare any way," I don't even want to listen to him any more. I hang up the phone.

I explain this to Harry.

"I want to kill this guy!" He says. 

"Don't bother," I say and get up and walk into the kitchen. Harry follows. "He is right," Harry grabs me and spins me around to face him.

"Stop." He says in a stern voice. "I hate that you say that. I just want you to stop putting yourself down! I don't care if you don't think you are pretty, but I do. I think you are beautiful! Just stop saying bad things about yourself in front of me!" 

He smashes his lips against mine.

"Ok, I wont say anything bad about myself any more,"

"Thanks, so what do you want for breakfast?"


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