Don't Speak (a One Direction fanfiction)


It's all fun, games and laughs til someone gets hurt. Unfortunately for seventeen year old Britton, she may get hurt in the worst way possible when she moves to London with her friends. Will her dream life turn out not so perfect, or will she somehow manage to keep going and pull through?
It's all right here in Don't Speak.
-Gummy xoxo
Fanfic started- August 22nd 2012
Fanfic last updated- August 27th 2013 3:35AM


3. London Flat

Layne screamed. "BRITT!!" Britton awoke with a start. "WHA!?" She yelled, looking around frantically. She turned to look at Layne. "The fuck dude!? I was sleeping!" She asked. Parker pulled Britton out of the car and up to their new house. It was white, with blackish grey trim, and it was pretty big. Huge even. The door was painted the same color as the trim, and it was open, with movers walking in and out. Britton screamed and ran inside, the twins at her heels. "I call first pick!" Britton yelled. Parker and Layne let out a few swears but laughed. Britton opened one of the doors. The walls were painted a light blue, and the floor was cream-colored. She went into the next room, it was medium purple with the same carpet, same size as the blue room. Britton went to the last room. All the walls were light green, except for one bright orange wall. It was the same size as the others. "I CALL THIS ONE!" She yelled, diving into the middle of the floor. "PURPLE ROOM IS MINE!" She heard Parker screech, and Layne excitedly ran into the blue room. The movers carried beds and boxes up the stairs and into their rooms, and the girls helped too. Once their house was stocked with their things, they went out to shop for new clothes.

Britton pushed her "Sleeping with Sirens" CD into the slot and turned it on a track, and started to sing along. "True friends lie underneath, their witty words I don't believe. I can't believe a damn thing they say anymore. Lie. Liar you will pay for your sins. Lie, lie, liar you will pay for your sins. So tell me how does it feel, how does it feel to be you? I think your mouth should be quiet because it never tells the truth, now." Layne and Parker listened to her sing, humming. Their car pulled into a parking space as the song ended for the third time. "Ugh I can never get enough of that song!" Britton complained as she slammed her car door. They walked side-by-side, into the mall. "Gotta peeeeeee!" Britton screeched quietly. "Okay meet us at the food court when your done. I'm starving!" Parker said, dragging Layne towards the elevator. Britton walked to the bathrooms, humming quietly. She wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone. "O-oh!" She staggered backwards. "I-I'm so s-sorry.." She studdered to the person. He looked at her and a smirk played on his lips. "It's fine, love." He reassured her, placing a hand on her shoulder to steady her. Britton blushed. "I'm Louis." He stuck his hand out. "Britton." She said, smiling softly and shaking his hand. "Well, I'm bored. Wanna hang out? We're friends now so we can hang out!" He had a happy expression on his face. "Sure." Britton laughed, shooting Parker a text: Met a guy.. see you back at the house? don't hate me? :) -britt x She pressed the send button and looked back up at Louis. "My friends are gonna be here soon, I hope you don't mind. You'll love them!" Louis cooed, sitting on a bench. Britton laughed and sat next to him. "I hope so!" Just then, four boys came running up, yelling and jumping on Louis. "Guys guys guys! I've got my friend here. Don't squish her!" They all turned to her. "This is Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Harry." Louis said, gesturing to them each. "I'm Britton." She smiled. "Button?" Niall asked. "What kind of name is Button?" Louis facepalmed himself, and Britton laughed. "No, Britton. Like the country?" She tilted her head. Niall nodded. "Ooooooh." The rest of the boys fell into fits of laughter white Niall stood there, hands stuffed in his pockets and face red. "It's okay, love. Nice to meet you." She reached for his hand. He shook it slowly, obviously embarrassed, but then he hugged her. "I like hugs more!" He piped, smiling. She laughed and hugged the rest of the boys. "Nice to meet you all."

The rest of the day, they hung out in the mall. Then, they went to the dock which was about ten minutes away. Britton sat on the dock, feet draped in the water. The boys were in the water, laughing and splashing. She felt arms wrap around her waist. She turned her head to see Louis, holding her close. "Go in the water, Britt!" He encouraged. "Nooooo." She laughed. "Do I have to make youuuu?" He teased. "No!"

"Well I'm gonna!"

"No Louis, no!" She laughed.

"Too late!"

He picked her up bridal style, and leaped into the water.

Britton swam up to see Louis grinning at her. "You're so mean." She said, making a huge sad face appear. "Aww Button. Will this make you feel better?" He pulled her up against his bare chest, wrapping his arms around her waist. She giggled. "Maybeee." She wriggled out of his tight grasp and swam away under him, grabbing his foot and pulling him down. When she came back up, he was grinning. "You're gonna get it!"

"Gotta catch me first." She winked and swam over to the other boys.


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