Don't Speak (a One Direction fanfiction)


It's all fun, games and laughs til someone gets hurt. Unfortunately for seventeen year old Britton, she may get hurt in the worst way possible when she moves to London with her friends. Will her dream life turn out not so perfect, or will she somehow manage to keep going and pull through?
It's all right here in Don't Speak.
-Gummy xoxo
Fanfic started- August 22nd 2012
Fanfic last updated- August 27th 2013 3:35AM


29. It's Impossible

[this takes place about two weeks after Niall and Britton's talk in All I See]

[by the way, I know it may have mentioned this is previous chapters, but they aren't famous in this story. sorry for any confusion!]


Britton stood at her vanity, applying the rosy colored makeup to her cheeks and rubbing it with her index and middle fingers lightly til she noticed Louis watching her. The now-eighteen year old turned to him and offered a slight smile. "Morning, Lou." She mused, pulling the light pink hair-tie from her wavy locks. 

"Hello, beautiful. How are you?"

"Eh, I've felt better," She replied honestly, turning back to the mirror and fixing her hair, which mainly consisted in running her fingers through it lazily. "Just don't really wanna be pregnant anymore. Ya know, over it." Britton shrugged meekly. 

"Well it's already, what," Louis glanced at his iPhone then looked back at his girlfriend. "26th March. You're due ninth April, which, honestly, is like two and a half weeks away." He padded over to her and held her gently. "Isn't that scary? It's been nine months already."

"No, the scary part is I haven't had a frickin' drink in nine months and I really just want one." She complained, slightly tilting her head back onto Louis' shoulder. 

The male chuckled slightly. "Don't worry, as soon as you can, I'll get you like, a beer or wine or fuckin' vodka if you really want that."

"You know I hate vodka."

"People change."

"Speaking of changing, I hope I don't have terrible stretch marks,"

"You probably will. Triplets are alot, you know." Louis interrupted. 

"Shut up." Britton huffed, crossing her arms and resting them on her bump. "I just hope I'm skinny afterwards."

"You're always perfect to me, babe." He planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Yeah, yeah."

Louis let her go and sat down on her bed. "Sweetie, come sit. We need to talk."

Britton raised an eyebrow but didn't protest as she walked over and laid back on her pillows, facing Louis and waiting for him to go on.

"We haven't talked about baby names since like, three weeks ago, and we still need to go shop."

"Right... baby names. Well I have my favorite boy name picked out, do you?" Her green-blue eyes studied him.

"Mhm," He murmured simply. "On the count of three, say it, okay?" They both nodded.

"1, 2, 3..." 



Britton licked her lips, nodding. "You like Oliver, I like Hayden. Should we ask everyone else?"

"Yeah, but we should talk about the girls' first. Count of three again?"

Britton nodded, sitting up slightly. 

"1, 2, 3..."

"Jessa and Mackenzie."

"Hannah and Eliza."

They nodded. "Go get everyone else." Britton said, leaning her head back.

Louis stood up and walked to the top of the stairs. "Boys! Twins! To mine and Brit's room, now! It's important."

He heard faint groans of the lot downstairs, but no attempt at movement.

"It's about the triplets...!" He tried again, listening to the squeals of the twins and the pounding of feet. Louis rushed back into the bedroom and sat down, watching as they all scrambled through the door. 

"Okay," Britton started. "We're discussing names and-"

"OOOOOOOH!" Parker said, bouncing up and down.

"Yeah. We have different name opinions and we want your guys' opinions. So I like Hayden, Mackenzie and Jessa. Lou likes Oliver, Hannah and Eliza. We'll start with boys names. If you like Hayden better, go near the vanity. If you like Oliver more, stay where you are."

The two watched as Niall and Zayn crossed the room. "So, Oliver Hayden Tomlinson it is!" Britton piped, smiling and pecking Louis on the cheek. Louis agreed with a smile.

"Okay, girls names. This is going to get complicated. So if you liked Mackenzie and Jessa, go near the lamp. If you like Eliza and Jessa, go near the vanity. If you like Hannah and Jessa, go into the hall. If you like Eliza and Hannah, sit on the floor. If you like Hannah and Mackenzie, stand by the nightstand. If you liked Eliza and Mackenzie, sit on the bed." She watched as everyone scattered. 

Liam sat next to Louis - Eliza and Mackenzie.

Zayn sat on the floor - Eliza and Hannah.

Niall stood near the nightstand - Mackenzie and Hannah.

Harry and Parker stood next to the vanity - Jessa and Eliza

Layne stood by the lamp - Jessa and Mackenzie.


"Okay, Jessa and Eliza it is!" Britton beamed, hand on her stomach. "Now middle names. If you like Jessa Hannah and Eliza Mackenzie, sit on the floor. If you like Jessa Mackenzie and Eliza Hannah, stay standing."

Liam, Parker, Niall and Zayn stayed standing. Layne and Harry sat down.

"Perfect. Jessa Mackenzie Tomlinson and Eliza Hannah Tomlinson, and Oliver Hayden Tomlinson."

The pair smiled at their friends. "Thanks guys. You've helped so much and I'm so happy you're gonna be there to watch them grow up. You mean the world to me." The lot smiled and crowded around the two, hugs being thrown all about.

A few hours later, Louis and Britton decided it was time to go shopping.


-To Be Continued- 


Sorry for it becoming really bad at the end. I was rushing (and I'm quite tired) because I have to be up in 4.5 hours for the orthodontist-bleh. I won't post at all tomorrow because I will be with some of my bestfriends (Bree and Gabby, to be exact) because I haven't seen them all summer!


I hope you guys appreciate this update as much as I appreciate you guys in general!

Lots of love, 

Gummy xoxo

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