Don't Speak (a One Direction fanfiction)


It's all fun, games and laughs til someone gets hurt. Unfortunately for seventeen year old Britton, she may get hurt in the worst way possible when she moves to London with her friends. Will her dream life turn out not so perfect, or will she somehow manage to keep going and pull through?
It's all right here in Don't Speak.
-Gummy xoxo
Fanfic started- August 22nd 2012
Fanfic last updated- August 27th 2013 3:35AM


11. Goodbye

NOTE- Hey guys! I'd just like to say thank you so freaking much for 102 favorites lists! You, the fans, are why I keep writing!<3 -NOTE


-later that day-

Britton got out of bed and headed down the long staircase as she tied her hair up in a bun. The twins were fiddling with their suitcases in the livingroom. The boys were scattered around the room, doing various things.

Harry was asleep on the couch. Liam was watching a movie. Niall was eating. Zayn was texting. And Louis was no where to be seen.

Layne looked up at Britton and nodded slightly. Britton half-smiled and sat on Harry, causing his eyes to flutter open. "Hm." He groaned, trying to push her off. "What? I just wanted to cuddle." She teased, then frowned and sat on the ground. Harry opened his arms, eyes closed again. Zayn put his phone down and crawled onto Harry and hugged him, making him grunt. "Zaaaaaayn." He mumbled, turning. Zayn made a puppydog face and went to sit with Liam. Britton laughed at them, then turned to Niall. "Whatcha doing, Nialler?" He was playing with his frenchfries. "I dunno." Niall mumbled, not looking up. Britton sat next to him and wrapped her lanky arm around his shoulders. "Babe, whats wrong?" She said softly. He shrugged lightly. His face was solemn, looking innocent and sad. Maybe a little scared too. Britton felt terrible.. she didn't know how to make him feel better. Niall rested his head in her lap, leaving his food behind and letting out a very sad sigh. Britton ran her fingers through his soft blonde hair as she hummed. She leaned down and kissed his forehead. Niall looked up at her with his innocent blue eyes. Something was wrong. Britton softly rubbed his cheek with her thumb til his eyes softly closed, his body relaxed, and his breathing became slower. She continued to rub his cheek, looking at all of the boys. Liam and Zayn were asleep on the floor, snuggling into one-another. It was so adorable. Harry was still sleeping on the couch. Louis still wasn't here.

Layne stood up quietly. "Britt we gotta go. You good with us taking the car for the week?" Britton nodded. Parker hugged her softly. "See you soon." Britton smiled. "Bye KP." And with that, Parker was out the door with their bags. Layne looked at her. "..are you sure you don't want me to stay?" She asked quietly. "I'm sure, hun. Go see your family. I bet the miss you." She smiled.

"Please call me when you get the result.."

"I will.. don't worry. I love you, Layne."

"I love you too, Britt..." She whispered, wiping tears from her eyes. "Don't be scared.. I'll be here for you no matter what." Layne hugged her tightly, then walked to the front door. "Love you." She murmured, then closed the white door behind her.

"Love you too." Britton sighed and leaned on the wall, letting her eyes close. She drifted off to sleep, still rubbing Niall's cheek. She hoped somehow, that the boys were with her, the nightmares wouldn't attack her.



-ugh bad writers block AGAIN. -.........- -

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