Don't Speak (a One Direction fanfiction)


It's all fun, games and laughs til someone gets hurt. Unfortunately for seventeen year old Britton, she may get hurt in the worst way possible when she moves to London with her friends. Will her dream life turn out not so perfect, or will she somehow manage to keep going and pull through?
It's all right here in Don't Speak.
-Gummy xoxo
Fanfic started- August 22nd 2012
Fanfic last updated- August 27th 2013 3:35AM


16. But in the End it Doesn't Even Matter

-that night-

Britton lie in bed, staring at the ceiling. She had told Layne, who never texted back. She didn't answer her phone no matter how many times Britton called. Louis was locked in the downstairs bathroom, and wouldn't come out. Harry, Zayn, and Liam were all asleep. Niall was still downstairs watching the television.

Britton wrapped a blanket around herself and walked down the stairs silently. She heard the T.V. on, and saw the light creeping into the stairwell as she reached the bottom step. Niall was on the couch, half laying, half sitting, and propping himself up with a pillow. "Nialler.. I can't sleep.." Britton murmured, standing in the doorway. Niall held his arms out. Britton half-ran towards him and snuggled herself into him, head on his chest. Niall was humming an Ed Sheeran song, lightly tapping to the beat on Britton's left thigh.

"I'm scared.." She whispered.

"I know babe.. I'm scared too." He wrapped his arms around her body.

"What if something goes wrong.. what if Louis hates me.. what if I die.. what if I don't want a baby.. what if I'm not ready.. what if I can't handle it.."

Niall hugged her a tadd tighter. "Nothing will go wrong. He doesn't hate you, never will either. You won't die. There's always adoption. Time will make you ready. We will help you get through it."


(sorry for shortness)

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