Who Would Of Thought?

Cori is an 18, going on 19 shortly, girl that goes for a holiday by her bestfriend Awa. Cori and Awa are also business partners that own plenty of successful gyms around the world. When Cori goes to London she unfortunately, according to her, bumps into the most famous boyband right now, One Direction.


2. Regrets.

"Oh yeeeah, that's right. Nice to meet you, I'm Awa." she introduced herself.


"Harry, and this is Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall." Harry said smiling and they all said hi.


"And you are?" Harry gestured to me.


"Cori." I smiply said.


"Lovely to meet you." he smiled and held out his hand for me to shake it but I rejected and they boys laughed at him while Awa narrowed her eyes and me and I just gave her the 'what' look.


"Likewise." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.


I remember my little sister babbling on about these guys and her favourite was Harry. She told me that he's had a lot of girlfriends and can't just stick to one, she also told me that he went out with a 32 year old so I instantly dislike him.


"Let's go." I nudged Awa and started walking away but she pulled me back.


"Why in such a rush?" she laughed.


"Um, heeellllooooo?" I said pointing at the boys. I know that she knew that I didn't want to be around these guys but of course she just carries on talking to them and ignorning me.


"What are you guys doing?" she asked them with a flirty smile. Ugh, disgusting.


"We were just going to go back to our hotel but we are definitely willing to change our plans for you beautiful ladies." Harry looked straight at me but I just scoffed and looked away from him.


"We'' we're going to go clubbing and we would love for you guys to join us." I looked straight at her giving her the 'what the fuck!' look.


"WE WOULD?!"  I half shouted.


"Of course we would Cori. Lighten up."  Did she just tell me to lighten up? Um, yes she definitely did.


"I'm sure you guys have way better things to do right?" I looked at them but deliberately avoiding eye contact with Harry.


"We actually don't." Liam shrugged.


"Excellent! We'll meet you guys at Karma (A/N: Not sure if there is a club called Karma there, but what the hell. This is made up right?) around 10?"  Awa said excited.


"See you then." Harry winked at me and we went our seperate ways.


As soon as we got in the car I shouted at Awa,




"Chill out girly." She laughed. "I thought you wanted to have a good time tonight?" She winked.


"Um yeah, with you! Not that scum bag Harry! I don't mind the others but Harry really pisses me the fuck off." I said crossing my arms.


"You don't even know him! Please babe, just tonight. If you don't enjoy yourslef, we'll never talk to them again, I promise." she said pouting her lip at me.


Fight it Cori, fight the puppy dog look.


"Ugh, fine." I mumbled. Awa reached over to me and hugged me so tight my face flushed red from the lack of oxygen.




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