Everything about you

Ashlyn lived a decent life, one day her house burnt to the ground. She lost everything including her dad. But will that the worst day of her life turn into the best day in an instant when Louis Tomlinson from one direction save her from her cries? Will Ashlyn and her best friend Sarah's world be the best or will there whole life be turnt upside down?
Find out in this new movella Everything about you
<3 #1Directioners


4. WOW is all words can say

Niall's P.O.V

There was a knock the door, Harry got up to go and answer it. Next thing i know a female figure sprinted into the room up to Ashlyn and started screaming at her " Oh im soooooo happy your ok! What happened, i was sooooo worried! oh!" She hugged her, Zayn cleared his throught just to get there attention. " Oh sorry guys this is Sarah, Sarah this... well you know" the girl turned around " Hi guys its nice to meet you!" WOW, she is so beautiful. I instantly knew that i am going to fall for this girl.

Sarah's P.O.V

I cant beleive i am in the same room as one direction!! But for Ashlyns sake I am not going to flip out. I went over to Zayn and Louis we talk for a minute I turn around to see Niall staring at me i put my head down in embarassment then turn around Louis started talking "oh look Nialls princess is blushing" out of nowhere Zayn slapped him across the face then Zayn was in the bathroom doing who knows what!!!

Nialls P.O.V

Sarah was most beautifull girl ever! I could not stop looking at her, all of a sudden she looked at me. She looked at me but she turned it away. i could hear Louis saying that she was my princess i wish she was but she probably has a boyfriend.With a face like that she has to. " how about we play a game" Liam suggested which snaped me back to reality "Sure i'd love to!" Sarah was the first to answer "i'm in to" i felt like I needed to say that just to show i care. she smiled... before playing i had to talk to Zayn, something is up with that boy.  

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