Everything about you

Ashlyn lived a decent life, one day her house burnt to the ground. She lost everything including her dad. But will that the worst day of her life turn into the best day in an instant when Louis Tomlinson from one direction save her from her cries? Will Ashlyn and her best friend Sarah's world be the best or will there whole life be turnt upside down?
Find out in this new movella Everything about you
<3 #1Directioners


27. SUPRISE!!!:):):)

Ashlyn's P.O.V
Harry has my eyes covered and is taking me... Well I don't exactly know. But I do know that today is my birthday so something has to be going on, I can't wait to find out! "Ok we are here open your eyes!" he uncovered my eyes and I stood there looking at a orange jeep. Of course orange, he took my hand and pulled me to the back of the car, painted on the back was "OFF TO KALAHARI!" I looked at Harry and screamed "Oh my god I love kalahari! I haven't bee there for years! Thank you so much!" I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him. He held on to me tight and we kissed for about 30 when Paul popped in "Um can we try to at least keep this PG?" we pulled away and frowned "Ok so I already packed all of your stuff and we are just going to go now!" I looked down at my attire "Um can I atleast make myself self look presentable?" he looked me straight in the eye "No! You look fine... LET'S GO!" he picked me up bridal style and we were off. Good bye Michigan hello kalahari!

Sarah's P.O.V
Niall and I are in the car driving to who knows where and I starting to get suspicious, where the hell are we going?! We pulled into a parking lot and just sat there for a second trying to take in what I have before me. "Um... What is this?" I asked "Uh your birthday surprise!" I looked at him... Uh ok. We got out of the car and started walking hand in hand, we walked to a clear area with grass and a large tent. I looked at him "whats this?" I said quietly laughin in between words "Your surprise! Didn't we just go over this?!" I elbowed him, he walked behind the tent and grabbed a rope thing. He pulled down on it and the back round (whcih is crazy realistic) and it went up revealing carnival rides and different places to eat. Lights were on and it is just beautiful, no one was here but us... I walked up to him while he pressed a button on his phone. Next thing I know everything about you starts blasting out of hidden speakers and the lights on the rides form words in the sky that read "Happy Birthday my Princess" it was already dark and I tell you this is the most romantic thing ever, he walked torwards me "So did I do good?" I looked at him and kissed him. We kissed for about 3 minutes, we pulled away "Does that answer your question?"

Ashlyn's P.O.V
Harry and I are an hour away from kalahari and I am so excited, I lowered my head into Harry's shoulder and whispered "thank you so much... I love you." he lowered his head into mine "I love you more"

1 hour later

Harry's P.O.V
We pulle into kalahari and Ashlyn is literally shaking "You alright sweet heart?" "Yea fine just... Excited." we hopped out of the car and grabbed out luggage. We walked together hand in hand up to the front doors, I got the key from the front desk and we headed up stairs. When we walked in Ashlyn immediately ran and jumped onto the bed and started dancing on it, while she was doing so she was singing very loudly "I'm at kalahari with the awesomest guy ever!" she just kept repeting over and over again. "Ash if you wanna do other stuff your gonna have to chill out before we get in trouble!" I yelled playfully, I threw her her bikini and she went to change, I changed and when she came out she jumped onto my back and I ran ran down to the water park.

Sarah's P.O.V
Niall and I have riddin just about every ride except for the dragster... I'm too scared "Come on sare it's just a ride you can do it!" I looked at him "No I can't" he grabbed my hand "Boo Hoo!" he guided me up to the ride and had to almost strangle me to sit down, and I did. But I quickly started to regret it when I puked after about... I don't know 2 SECONDS! I am so embarrassed, when we got off I was happy again and suprisingly said "Let's do it again!" we rode it over and over again, we had such a good time... Best birthday ever!

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