Everything about you

Ashlyn lived a decent life, one day her house burnt to the ground. She lost everything including her dad. But will that the worst day of her life turn into the best day in an instant when Louis Tomlinson from one direction save her from her cries? Will Ashlyn and her best friend Sarah's world be the best or will there whole life be turnt upside down?
Find out in this new movella Everything about you
<3 #1Directioners


30. Sickness within stars

Nialls POV
Sarah and I road everything! From the teacups to the dragster! Which I like had to strangle her to sit down. It was getting dark I had another little surprise for her. "naill babe it's getting late. We should go." "NO! We can't go yet! Come here. Come lay with me." "umm ok?!" she came over and we layed down on the blanket and looked up at the stars. "hey do u see that big star over there?" "ya it's really pretty!" "I'm glad u like it. Cause that's ur star." "my star! U got me a star!! U r the best boyfriend ever!!! I will never ever In a million years stop loving u!" score!!! I really did good!
***2hrs later*** we have been laying here for about 2hrs I sang to her it's been great "Sarah." "y-y-ya?" her skin was pale "hey r u ok?" "I don't know I'm cold but warm at the same time. Niall? I-I can't move. I to weak." no! "we need to take u to a doctor! Now!!"
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