Everything about you

Ashlyn lived a decent life, one day her house burnt to the ground. She lost everything including her dad. But will that the worst day of her life turn into the best day in an instant when Louis Tomlinson from one direction save her from her cries? Will Ashlyn and her best friend Sarah's world be the best or will there whole life be turnt upside down?
Find out in this new movella Everything about you
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28. Not a chapter!

Hey everyone!
I don't know if anyone else heard but in this day of September 26 2012 beloved Avalanna Routh past and crossed over to the heavens... If you didn't know this 6 year old angle was a token of hope and heart, she was also known as Mrs.Beiber as of her love Justin Beiber. Now I may not be Beleiber but this little girl showed me that it doesn't matter if I like him or not... He loved her so I will too! Please please please if you understand leave an encouraging prayer to Avalanna on our blog or page to show you care... And if you really care it will come from the heart and soul. Because she is all Beleibers and Directioners hearts and souls. Say a prayer for her before bed tonight and show that you care! And Avalanna I know you are to young to read most things but I just want to say God bless your soul... And may you Rest in all our worlds peace! Amen...

To read more search Avalanna Routh on google and her her story... Thank you!
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