Everything about you

Ashlyn lived a decent life, one day her house burnt to the ground. She lost everything including her dad. But will that the worst day of her life turn into the best day in an instant when Louis Tomlinson from one direction save her from her cries? Will Ashlyn and her best friend Sarah's world be the best or will there whole life be turnt upside down?
Find out in this new movella Everything about you
<3 #1Directioners


35. END!

Hey everyone!

This is the end of everything about you and the sequel is being started right this minute... so if you wanna cotinue on ashlyn,sarah,harry,niall,liam,zayn,and louis's journey the nplease for the sequel which is called Live While We're Young.

Leave comments on what you think of everything about you and we can twait for yo uto see what happens to sarah! TTYL!

Love you carrots!

Love Ash and Sare

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