Forever and a Day

Delilah had a hard time growing up, she was abused and had a long history of self harm. Ready for a new life, Delilah left the U.S. for colleage in the United Kingdom. One Directions Niall Horan is also in her colleage, studing Fine Arts
Niall and Delilah become closer and closer. Could this be a new start AND a new relationship for Delilah?


1. Forever and a Day

I woke up to the loud thunder outside of my apartment window. It had been raining all week, and today was my first day of colleage. I dragged myself out of bed and brushed my light red hair. I curled it slightly, making it wavy. I applied my makeup (base, mascara and eyeliner) and changed into jeans and a royal blue v-neck. I quickly walked outside and to the colleage. Once I reached it, I hurried over to my Fine Arts class. I was working as a singer and dancer, but they usually hired people with a degree. I reached the class to see it was a studio, with stages and microphones and everything. A few people were there, stretching and vocalizing. But one guy caught my eye
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