Confusion, Love, Pain and War

A cross-over between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is the first book, the second one currently being written.

The Percy Jackson crew come to Hogwarts and meet the other heroes from a different world. How will they take eachother? Will everyone get along? Will new loves form? Confusion and pain will come from all these. So read, and enjoy!


3. The Introductions


Enjoy! ^_^


Disclaimer: I don't own HP or PJO





                Hemione's POV (continued)




" Hey. I'm Percy. Percy Jackson."


Percy looked like a god. Wow. That was a really dumb thing to remark. Of course he does! He's part god!


McGonagall spoke up now. "How about you demigods introduce yourselves and show us your weapons and abilities and what not."


Percy went first. I noticed though he seemed like the leader of the group. He was like in charge and you show some respect or else.


"Well like I said I'm Percy Jackson. I-" 


But he was cut off by that blond girl.


"His actual name is Perseus."


"Whatever. I prefer Percy than Perseus. So please call me Percy. Anyways I am a son of Poseidon god of the sea and earth-shaker and saviour of Olympus."


I heard a young Hufflepuff speak up. "Do you have any powers?"


"Well actually I was hoping someone would ask that." he said with a mischievous smile on his handsome and hot face. He turned around and started towards the lake. He looked at it with a very concentrated look on his face. The suddenly gallons of water rose and were swirling around in a hurricane. Percy was controlling it! He made horses galloping around in circles. It was amazing! But surprisingly all the other demigods were just standing there looking bored and rolling their eyes. I was a bit frustrated by this but thought that they probably did see it thousands of times.


"My favorite weapon is my ball point pen." He took out a pen and all the boys snickered a this. What?! That was it? Then he took off the cap and it turned into a long,bronze sword that looked like it had seen some bloody battles.  


"This is Riptide A.K.A Anaklusmos. My sword Riptide means a wave that takes you by surprise. This is made out of celestial bronze meaning it cant hurt you mortals." he finished.


Next was the blond girl. She was already annoying. She had a smug look on her face and was glaring at somebody on the other side of the crowd. She just silently took out a cap from her faded Jean pocket and slipped it on her head. Then she was gone. And I hoped for a long time. Then there was cry of fear. There was Pansy Parkinson standing there with a wicked looking knife at her neck. She started to cry the baby she was and suddenly the blond girl appeared. She was smiling and then she removed the knife and walked to the front and glanced at Percy then continued on. I was suspicious at first but just pushed the thought away.  


"I'm Annabeth Chase. I'm a daughter of Athena goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. If you try and prank me or fool me I will get you back and it will a hundred times worse than you could ever imagine. My knife is like Percy's. Its made of celestial bronze." Annabeth finished watching everybody as they backed away.  


"I'm next." A girl in punk/goth clothes and a silver parka replied. She had spiky black hair. She had and old tattered shirt on that said Green Day, a muggle band I've heard of. She had a circlet in her hair and had a bow and quiver in her back. She touched her bracelet and it turned into a shield with a molding of Medusa on it. Everyone stepped back in fear. Then she took out a hair clip and it turned into a spear. Then she did a battle cry and lightning arched down to her spear. It was so many things! Amazing, frightening, awesome, fearful.


She then spoke. "I'm Thalia Grace. Daughter of Zeus lord of the gods and sky. I'm also the lieutenant for the Hunters of Artemis." She stepped back and a new voice rang out. "Me next"


After all of them were down we went into the Great Hall for breakfast. The demigods sat at Gryffindor with us. Annabeth and I sat by Percy with Ron on my right. I always found my self glancing at Percy. He was so cute! I really hoped that my suspicions were wrong and he's not dating that Annabeth girl!

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