Confusion, Love, Pain and War

A cross-over between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is the first book, the second one currently being written.

The Percy Jackson crew come to Hogwarts and meet the other heroes from a different world. How will they take eachother? Will everyone get along? Will new loves form? Confusion and pain will come from all these. So read, and enjoy!


2. The Arrival


Hello people! Missed me?! Doubt it. Anyways, just a quick author's note. This isn't edited very well. Not sure how many, or if there is any mistakes. Just a heads up. And this is my first story ever, so please don't be too hard on me. Love you guys! 


             the Carrot Queen


Disclaimer: I absolutely do not own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson.  





                Annabeth's POV





It was 5:45 a.m and everyone's face was drooping and their eyes had bags under them. Speaking of bags Drew had 5! Everyone knew that she was a daughter of Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty and all but she should still be smart enough to know that if she tried to fly all the way to Hogwarts with all those bags and her big head she really was crazy.


I shared my observation with Percy and told him to go tell her to only bring one. I watched as he walked over to Drew rather reluctantly.


"Hey Drew." Percy said.


"Hey handsome! What's up?" she replied.


"Um....well I just noticed your bags and wanted to let you know that um....well if you" 


That's when I had to butt in. "What my BOYFRIEND is trying to say," I said with emphasis on boyfriend." That if you think that you can fly on a Pegasus with all of those bags plus your gigantic ego your going to crash land somewhere in the Pacific." I told her.


There was a face full of hatred looking back at me when I looked back at her while walking away.  


"Wait. I'll take only 3." she said desperately.


I looked back at her "1" I said.


She didn't really like that but she went with it. And just to annoy her I leaped up and softly kissed Percy who was still standing by my side. We walked away silently giggling.


We mounted are Pegasi and got ready to fly off. We had some difficulties though. Thalia was afraid that she was going to fall off her Pegasus but she only told me and Percy. Then Pork Pie was very reluctant to carry Drew because he said in Percy's mind that he thought that her make-up made her look scary. Me and Percy laughed at that and we told every body and they all laughed at her but of course she didn't know about anything that was happening. Eventually though we got everybody on and we were in the air flying to Hogwarts the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.





          Ron's POV



We are all excited. And I was wondering about the girls. I mean would they be normal or would they be like part fish or animal or something? Maybe their gonna be-


But McGonagall cut through my train of thought. " Now every one please exit out to the front of the castle."


Nobody moved.


"I mean now!" she yelled. " Prefects and head boy and girl please escort your house outside and try for everyone's sake to be on your best behavior because we want to look good. Oh and one more thing. They have gone through a lot more than us. They have done things way worse than even Harry over here. Now please everyone outside!" she finished.


Everyone rushed out. We got trampled by students running through trying to get good spots to see these....? What are they called? Oh yeah I think their called demigods. Well anyways we stood there waiting. Hoping something magnificent was going to happen like they suddenly appear or they come out of the lake or something.


Well none of us were paying attention until Luna, Luna Lovegood yelled " Hey everyone look up! There they are!"


I quietly heard people muttering about nothing there or she Luna the lunatic.


Then Hermione loudly screeched beside me " Their on Pegasi!"


Everyone had no clue what she was talking about.


"Their you know flying horses. " she said clarifying our confusion.


All the Pegasus's were pure white except for one which was the exact opposite. Pure black. Finally the Pegasi landed with a soft thud on the ground and off jumped the most beautiful girl ever seen. Her perfect blond hair fell into ringlets on her shoulders and her eyes were a magnificent shade a gray but they also had a look of excitement mixed in with intelligence and curiosity. She was perfect.






           Hermione's POV






All of the boys were drooling and swooning over this girl that hopped off the black Pegasus. This was the one in the middle. I smacked Ron in the back of the head. Hard. He muttered " Ow." I was furious. Who did this girl think she was? Suddenly coming in and making all the boys in a trance and all the girls here a hit in the self esteem. Well at least I got a hit.


Then it was the girls turn to swoon. Off jumped a really hot, really muscular boy. He had untamed black hair and beautiful sea green eyes. The way he looked just made me almost faint. Then he gave a smile and I heard a gasp and later realized I made it. Then his voice was the best. Besides his muscles.


"Hey. I'm Percy. Percy Jackson.

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