Confusion, Love, Pain and War

A cross-over between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is the first book, the second one currently being written.

The Percy Jackson crew come to Hogwarts and meet the other heroes from a different world. How will they take eachother? Will everyone get along? Will new loves form? Confusion and pain will come from all these. So read, and enjoy!


4. First Day


Another chappie. Enjoy.


Disclaimer: I don't own HP or PJO




                      Percy's POV




After we were all finished, all of the witches and wizards faces had looks of amazement and shock on them. Well, actually, there was this group by the side with that girl Annabeth used to demonstrate her skills. They were standing there with a look of pride and looking as if to say "Show off." I just barely saw a look of fear though.


"Welcome demigods. Please come inside and join us for our breakfast. You will be sitting with the Gryffindors for now. Please feel at home. And try and enjoy your stay!" McGonagall finished her speech and everyone slowly started to walk in and whispers were heard among us and I cached a few while walking by.


"I wonder why Percy is the only one who can control an element?"


"Percy is really cute. I wonder if he is available?"


I decided not to tell Annabeth that last one though it was highly appreciated. I'm glad Annabeth isn't a mind reader.


"So.." A boy asked from a group of teenagers walking by. They were older than us by about 2 years. The guy who spoke up had dark black hair that was messy and emerald green eyes. Almost like mine but a different shade. He also wore crooked and slightly broken round glasses on the bridge of his nose and had black robes on with a gold and red lion on it.


"I'm sorry but uh...what are your guys names?" I asked referring to the whole group.


"Harry. Harry Potter." The guy with the black, untamed hair replied.


"Ron." A boy with bright red hair said.


"Ginny." A girl now with the same flaming red hair as Ron's.


"And I'm Hermione." A girl with sort of frizzy brown hair said.


"Well you guys are from New York?" Harry asked.


"Yeah. Our camp is there. I live there too. Annabeth lives in San Fransisco for now." I explained.


"Oh okay." Harry mumbled. Ron for some reason always kept glancing at Annabeth awkwardly and then quickly look away. I hoped that dude wasn't into my girlfriend! She is mine dude!






The ceiling was awesome. It had a starry sky and you could see way up high there was a mountain and right away we could tell it was Mount Olympus. Everyone gasped at this. Apparently the wizards and witches didn't usually have this many decorations or a view of Mount. Olympus. We all went to the table on the far left which is supposedly called the Gryffindor table. I'm just glad I can sit with Annabeth instead of by myself at the Poseidon table.


"Let the feast begin!" McGonagall yelled. As soon as she said begin food popped out of no where and the drinks just appeared there. So we picked up some food and I whispered to Aanabeth and she responded "I know."


We got up and walked to McGonagall. She had a look of confusion on her face.

"Excuse us professor but we need a hearth or a fire so we can make our offerings to the gods." Annabeth said in her sweet voice. I love her voice.


"Okay but hold on a second." There was obviously still confusion but she did it anyways. She took out a.... stick. Why would she need that?! Was she going to make it by hand?!


Then she mumbled something inaudible to me and a hearth formed with an invisible barrier to hold back the flames.


"Thank-you professor." Annabeth replied.


Everyone got up and they came over and we made our offerings. Mine to Poseidon and of course I got that beautiful sea breeze I love. It's perfect. I waited up for Annabeth and we walked back to the Gryffindor table laughing at the confused and slightly amused looks on the others faces.


"Why did you waste that food." Ron asked us. Obviously he's a food lover.


"It's our offerings to the gods. We burn the food and pray to one of the gods or more. I always do my dad but obviously Hestia gets part of the offering." I explained to them.


"Wait a second. The gods like the smell of burning food?" Harry asked confused.


"Well no. It doesn't smell burnt it smells like normal food but stronger. That's exactly what Percy thought when he was first at camp." Annabeth said with a smirk on her face.


"He was such a Prissy. Well now looking at him do you think he actually changed?" Clarisse said. What a spoiled brat!


"Okay Clarisse just shut up and eat your food. Besides you know I will win this argument just like I beat you when you tried to dunk me and instead you got a shower!" I flew at her.


"Why you punk I'm gonna-" but she was cut off by Annabeth.


"Clarisse. Just shut up."


Then she was silent the whole meal and didn't say anything until we left.


"Now everyone. Please go back to your classes. There will be no difference in classes except that the demigods will be joining you." McGonagall told everybody.


"AAWWWWW!" Everyone said. We just tried to suppress a snicker.


"Well see you guys later." Harry told us. Their group walked off towards the hall to go to class. The rest of us just stayed in the Great Hall for a little while. Then McGonagall walked up.


"Demigods you can just walk around and explore today. Lunch is at 12:30 today and dinner is at 6:00. Meals will be here. And ask if you need to but don't be late." McGonagall said firmly and walked off. I had a feeling that she doesn smile much.


"Well Annabeth you wanna walk around with me?" I asked Annabeth.


"Sure Seaweed Brain. Just let me finish my eggs." she replied.


I kissed the top of her head and everyone groaned. Hey hated when me and Annabeth show affection to each other. So now just to annoy them I started kissing her neck and nudging it. They all started to walk away while Annabeth laughed her head off. I loved her laugh. It sounds so perfect. Once she finished I took her hand and we walked out going to the lake I used as my demonstration.


"Hey you up for a swim?" I asked her.


"Sure why not. I love your little air bubbles." she replied a smile forming on our faces.


We walked to the lake and we jumped in. I formed an air bubble and we floated near the bottom. I pulled her into a kiss and we stayed like that for like 10 minutes when we interrupted by Will yelling up at the surface of the lake.


"Dang it!" I yelled. Annabeth just laughed. We started to swim up when Will started screeching. He's a singer and all but when he screeches it's horrible. Then used my powers to everyone's benefits.


"What do you want Will?" I asked a bit annoyed.


"You guys have to come see this! We need your help! It's a monster, the Minotaur!" Will said rather fast. I just made out what he said. Annabeth and I got out of the water and walked over to where Will ran off. I could smell him before I saw him. It reeked like cow manure and a horse stable. It was gross. Oh my gods! I thought to myself. How many times does this guy have to die to realize that he can't beat me. I mean this is the third time! I knew he was here for me because as soon as I was in earshot or actually sniff-shot he looked at me and charged. I pulled out Riptide and stabbed in his stomach. He disintegrated into nothing. Everyone cheered. Some wizards and witches who were hiding came out. I never noticed them before. Harry and his gang were watching. They all had shocked faces on.


"How did you do that?" Ron asked.


"It was amazing!" Hermione said affection in her voice. I really hoped Annabeth didn't hear that. She was standing to the side of me and was sending daggers at Hermione. She didn't notice though she was looking at me.


"It was easy I just stabbed him. I mean he couldn't have hurt me because I have the curse of Achilles which means nothing can hurt me except for in one spot. Which by the way I can't tell you." I told them.


"We train for this kind of stuff." Annabeth said coldly like it was the most obvious thing. She was still glaring at Hermione.


"Well don't you guys have classes to go to?" I asked a bit awkwardly because they were just staring at me.


"Right. Let's go guys." Harry said.


Once they were gone me and Annabeth left with my arm around her waist and went to go to the lake again.


Before we went in I gave her a soft kiss and then jumped in. She ran in after me and was yelling "Hey! You get back her mister!"


I already was swimming up to grab her when a giant squid tentacle grabbed her waist. She was screaming. I quickly swam over and brought out Riptide. I slashed at his tentacle and it fell but he used his other one and grabbed her again I swam up and dodged a tentacle coming at me and stabbed him in the forehead. He disintegrated leaving behind a tentacle as a battle souvenir. I grabbed her and pulled her up to shore. I quickly examined her and noticed she wasn't breathing. I quickly tried to do mouth to mouth. She still wasn't breathing.


"No! Annabeth! No! No! No! You can't go. I still owe you something." I tried again and her eyes snapped open. She was gasping and she couldn't help but cry.


"Thank the gods! You're still alive!" I said and pulled her into a hug. She cried into my shoulder. I held her and stroked her hair.


"It's okay Annabeth I've got you."


"I love you Seaweed Brain." she mumbled to my in my shirt.


"I love you too Annabeth." I told her.


Then Will came up with Thalia and Juliet.


"What happened?" Thalia asked kneeling down next to me.


"We heard some screaming and ran over as fast as we could." Will explained.


"Apparently the giant squid was a monster and was after Annabeth. He grabbed her and pulled her underwater. She wasn't breathing but I did mouth to mouth and now she's breathing again." I told them." Hey Will can you check and see if everything is alright. Make sure nothings broken. I don't want my girlfriend broken." I told him and Annabeth smiled.


Will checked her arms and legs and her ribs but nothing was wrong. I stiffened though when Will touched her. I still don't like it when people touch her even if it's under these circumstances. I would do it myself but I'm pretty sure Will could do better than me.


"She's fine Percy she just in shock. She will be good as new." Will explained. I loosened up and hugged Annabeth. Will and Juliet walked away but Thalia said "Awww." in that cute way when you see a kitten.


"You saved me Seaweed Brain. I love you Percy." she said again.


"I love you Annabeth. But what else is new? I save you all the time." I said as she laughed.


"I think you got it all wrong. I always save you."


"Okay whatever you say." I said not wanting to anger her. Then I kissed her just because. Then Thalia had enough and walked away. I picked Annabeth up and we walked to the castle. I put her down because she was getting embarrassed. I wasn't but she didn't want to so we walked to find McGonagall to show or tell us where Gryffindor tower was. But instead of finding McGonagall we bumped into Harry and his friends. I mean we literally bumped into them. We went around the corner and I bumped into Hermione by accident and Annabeth Ron. Harry was lucky and just walked by. Now that I bear the curse of Achilles, my body was as hard as steel. Hermione got hurt and got bumped to the ground.


"I'm so sorry Hermione. Here let me help you up." I said and offered my hand. She took it gratefully and was looking right in my eyes. It was rather awkward for me but she was looking happy. I quickly looked away at Harry and asked him," Can you show us where Gryffindor tower is?"


"Sure!" Hermione said suddenly. Okay then.


They started to walk away and we followed. Annabeth was glaring again and directly at the back if Hermione's head. I tried to make small talk with Harry.


"So how old are you guys?" I asked.


"We are all 18. Except for Ginny. She's 17. You?" he replied.


"I'm 16. So is Annabeth. " Harry's face was shocked. I wonder why?


"Really? You guys look older." he said.



       Harry's POV


Really? You guys look older." I said.


Percy is only 16?! That's weird. I could have sworn he was our age.


Percy though I just noticed seemed protective of Annabeth. I wonder if their dating? Nah. Couldn't be.


By then we were at the Fat Lady.


"Password?" she asked.


"Engorgio" Hermione said. The door swung open.


"Thanks guys! See ya later." Percy said and they walked in. We walked away and then went to Charms.

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