London's Cold Weather

A californian girl takes a leap into london after her dad scores a job as a security gaurd/music producer for the new British Boy Band.


1. A New Beginning.

When you look at a boy when your 5, you think they are just plain gross. When you look at a boy when your 13 you start to think they are not so bad, but when you look at a boy when your my age, you look more at their personality, their looks and fall for someone who may be the best or worst thing that has happened to you. You must know the right choices before you make them though. You must know that you really like someone before you “go out”. To save hurting them and yourself in the future. But as they say people learn from mistakes. My name is Kingston Higgins. I live in California. I have a younger sister Jamie. And I live with my father Paul.

Waking up at a messy bedroom, I lay in my pajamas; stretched across my bed is my feather duvet, where I kicked it off during the night. I clutch my pillows beneath my head and pull it over my face. Groaning I sit up straight and look at the time 11.00 am Saturday morning. I have nothing else better to do but turn to my laptop and click safari. Scrolling down my home page I see all my friends posing in the webcam, I see stupid status saying like for a like. Seriously, who needs to know why they like you? Obviously me because I click the like button and carry on scrolling down the home page. There is a banging on my door my fathers deep voice is yelling at me saying to get up and take my sister out for the day before we have to leave. Leave for a cold place in Europe where you don't see much sun where you sit in warm clothes all day, instead of heading down to the beach in your bikini and flip flops. I would stay here if I were old enough to live by myself. But 16 isn't an option of living on your own. 16 is the age where you only just learn to drive, let alone finding a job with good pay.

“KINGSTON” My dad bangs on my door. I pull my messy hair up into a lose bun and open the door. He looks at me with his eye brows knotted,

“Your sister is down stairs waiting, how long have you been up?”

“ Half an hour, maybe longer..”

“ Well you better get a move on since you only have a couple hours left before we have to head to the airport. SO make the most of it.”

Great. I shut the door behind me and grab my colored bikini and sunnies and make my way down stairs for some breakfast. The stairs creak as I walk down them. Jamie is sitting at the breakfast bar twiddling with her hair. I grab a bowl and throw in different pieces of fruit. Mango, Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelon... I slowly put a spoonful into my mouth and the flavors ripple across my tongue. Taking another spoonful the fruits juice slips down my throat until the bowl is empty. Jamie moans; she hasn't had much time to see her friends, yet nor have I, only a couple of our friends know we're leaving and this is all because my dad got a better job for a British Band, and we as helpless children have to tag along. Even though Jamie is quite excited to see the “London Boys”. She is only thirteen. Boy, I was never like that at my age. I think. But I really don't want to have to leave but as I am still too young to live on my own; I cant stay.

The sun was bright, the sky was blue and the ground was hot. I slip my flip flops on, grab my beach bag and Jamie then head out the door towards Huntington. I noticed a few people, they smiled and waved still not knowing that we are leaving today. I put my head phones in and turn the music up to blast. Im not into the heavy type of music, or the slow dancing music. I like Olly Murs, and people like that. I realize he is english and I might be able to meet him during dads job. So moving may not be bad after all. Meeting some good singers may not be a bad thing. Once we reach the beach we searched and searched for a spot just to lay our things out. After about 20 minutes or so we find a small open space and spread out beach gear across the sand. I look at the open water and I cant wait to run into it. Jamie has already left my side and heads down to the water. I make my way out to join her and the water felt so warm I dove straight in.

“I am going to miss this Kings” Jamie says with a tear peering in the corner of her eye.

“We'll be fine, don't worry, plus we will be able to meet this new band that almost won the x-factor so it will be really fun” I say to her giving her a hug for comfort.

“Yeah, I guess your right, I wonder what they sound like”

“I don't know, but I bet they are really good!”
Our conversation went on for hours, about how we will miss our friends and we just relaxed in the water. When we decide to head back up to our spot, I noticed all of our stuff is gone. I tell Jamie to get back up here. All of our beach bags, towels, phone,wallet are gone.

“Kingston, Jamie! Time to go!” Dad yells from the bank.

“Dad! Our stuff is missing” I run up to him.

“Don't worry, your stuff is in the car, time to go”

"But how did you find it?" Jamie asks

"Never mind that dear, time to go" walking towards the car.

Great. London here we come.
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