Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


11. Something Shiny


I stare out the window and take in everything I had shut out for 6 years. Apparently I had blocked more than Zayn from my life.  We round the corner and I see a school . The American flag waves high above our heads as we push open the doors. I freeze as I walk inside. I know instantly who Zayn's daughter is.


"Daddy!" She runs up to Zayn and throws her arms around his legs. She looks up at me with wonder.


"Is that mommy?" she asked him.


"Yes Katie that's mommy." Zayn replies.


Katie walked up to me and says,"Mommy, where have you been?" 


"Katie, mommy has been in a dungeon." I reply with tears in my eyes. She holds her hands up, and I pick her up.


"Katherine," Zayn starts."I think you have a few fans." I look up and some fifth graders were standing in front of me. 


"Are you Katherine Leighton?" 


"Yeah,” I reply, a tad bitter about it. 


"Whoa! We have two famous people in our school at the SAME TIME!" exclaims a freckled blonde, and she starts to jump in excitement.


"Shhhh, we don't need the paparazzi in here now do we?" Zayn asks the kid. She shakes her head. Katie rests her head on my shoulder and sighs. 


"Let's go Zayn." I say.We turn and walk to the SUV. 


Katie asks. "Why were you in a dungeon mommy?" 


I stopped. "Because the evil Fear and Jealousy locked me up in there." Zayn looked at me and smiled.


"Oh." she looks at me and offers me her hand. We continue walking towards the car before Katie says, "Maria told me to tell you hi." I freeze in my tracks. 


"Zayn?" he looks at me and then at Katie. I clasp his hand and bite my lip.


“Katie, who’s this Maria?” I ask her. Katie pauses, thinking.


“Um, well…this person in a pink hoodie and with rapunzel hair told me to tell you she says ‘Hi,’ and stuff, and I went who are you? And she said, um, that she’s Maria,” Katie says. She looks concerned at me.


“Could you point her out in a photo, sweetie?” I ask her. Katie nods.


“Yeah, but, but why?” she inquires, blinking her dark, mysterious eyes. Zayn’s eyes. I almost cry.


“Um, it’s nothing, I just want to talk to her. You know, say ‘hi’ back. Just friendly…friend stuff,” I reply, forcing a smile. If this girl was who I thought she was, she had a LOT of explaining to do.     


When we got back to the hospital room Katie was first in the door, and she immediately ran to us. “Nialler is kissing somebody,” she says in a sing song voice. I roll my eyes and give Zayn a knowing look. She dances in.


We follow quickly and find Cassi and Niall busy, and ignorant to pretty much everything. Hey, they’d been like this for 6 years. Then I see a sparkle. An engagement ring! How sweet. He must’ve proposed whilst Zayn and I were busy.


“Ahem!” I cough loudly, and Cassi peeks up. She draws back away, but Niall pulls her onto his lap. She giggles.


“Oh, hey Kath! And hi Zaynster, guess Nially didn’t text you the news,” Cassi says, beaming. Niall flicks Cassi.


“Yeah, because I don’t like to tell stuff like this over the phone,” he tells Cassi, then turns to face us. “We’re engaged.” My jaw drops, whilst Zayn applauds.


“Niall, wouldn’t have guessed you’d take so long!” He says, and hugs Niall. Niall blushes a bit.


“Leprechauns do things their way!” Niall replies, and he goes back to Cassi.




“Um, Kath? Something up? I’m engaged, and you’re…acting weird,” she says. I shrug.


“Just stuff, usual stress. Nothing big,” I say. I just can’t ruin her special moment. Zayn pulls me aside.


“You okay, love?” he asks. I nod, slowly taking in the facts that 1) he was looking deeply at me, in a caring way 2) he called me love 3) I might still be in love with him.


“Perfect, now that…” I trail off. He cocks his head to the side.


“Now that what?” he asks me.


“Now that you’re in my life again,” I close with a smile. He starts to smile too.


“Well, Kat, I was thinking….” he says.


“Go on…” I reply.


“Could we…go somewhere? Together?” He requests.


“Of course, I have a free night Friday…”


“Good,” he says, and goes to Niall and congratulates him some more. Cassi walks over as I’m blushing. She half smiles and reaches out to hug me. I hug her close, feeling happy that my friend knows me all too well.


“Perhaps we can go to Nando’s tomorrow, you, me, Niall, Zayn,” she suggests, putting emphasis on Zayn.


“Um, yeah, that’d be great,” I reply. She grins and releases me. She hobbles off to Niall, promptly kissing him. I look to Zayn and he’s giving me the same knowing look. I forgot how well we used to know eachother….And still do. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Or Friday either….


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