Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


6. Secrets and Homicides

Harry comes up to me and whispers, “Zayn says he wants to see you in the room. Alone.” I nod, a bit confused but charmed nonetheless. I head over and I’m grabbed inside just as Ian patrols back down.


“Zayn, what the hell?” He puts his finger to my lips.


“Quiet! Ian thinks we’re at breakfast.” I smile slowly.


“Right. So, why did you ask to see me in private?” I ask curiously. He grins.


“I think you know.” I nod.


“Can’t have Niall saying things, right?” And just as I finish talking he kisses me. And I return it, and wrap my arms around him. He’s cuddly, but not too “plush”. Ooh, look, Katharine’s kissing Zayn. Yeah, so what do you care? And I don’t care who sees, and for that split second I was perfectly happy. Until Ian bursts in the door and catches us. Zayn jumps away, and I dive under the bed in a last attempt to save my sorry butt from major trouble. Ian grumbles.


“Zayn, I know the chick’s in here. And I’m sorry for interrupting. I’ve been told to stay here, because there’s been a murderer on the loose here. So keep your girl safe, you hear?” Zayn nods. I creep out from under the bed. Zayn immediately grabs me and sets me in his lap. Ian shuts the door, muttering. “And I’ll bring you guys waffles. Chocolate chip for Mr. Malik, and for you, sweetheart?” I shrug.


“Uh, blueberry.” The security guard heads off authoritatively and I realize I’ve been holding my breath. With a whoosh I release it, and look up into Zayn’s eyes. He smiles at me and squeezes me tightly. I return the smile and turn over on to my stomach, and flatten him to the ground. He hits the floor with an oof. Whoops.


“Katharine, don’t you think you should be nice to little Zany?” He says it with a whimper face and puppy dog eyes. I laugh.


“Katie thinks Zany is a big baby. Look, you’re so cute and little, I could put you in my pocket!” I say in a major baby voice. Liam pops in and gives me a funny look.


“Uh, guys.... You missed breakfast.” At that moment Ian arrives with a plate of waffles, and two glasses of OJ.


“Thanks Ian!” I call cheerfully, and he shuts the door. Zayn flicks on a light switch, and we head to the little circle table. Liam walks out awkwardly. “So,” I say, pressing my elbows on the table. “What do you want to do today, considering it’s the day off?” Zayn frowns.


“Hmm. Well, I can check off ‘nice breakfast with Katharine,’ so I’m stumped. You?”


"How about 'avoid murderer on the loose'?" 


"Sounds good to me."


I take a bite of my waffles and look at Zayn. He is already halfway done with his food. "Gosh Zayn if you eat this fast you'll choke!"


He smiles and Niall walks into the room with Ian glaring at the back of his head. "Hello you two, how did you sleep?" His eyes flicker with mischief and I can tell he knows. 


"Pretty well actually." Zayn says smoothly. It almost convinces me last night wis a dream.


"Are you suuuuuurrrreee?" he questions like an overprotective mother.


"Yes we slept well,” I say.


"Ha! You said we!" 


"Yeah... I slept well and Zayn slept well, in different rooms, thank you very much." 


"So you heard about the murderer?" Niall asks.


"Yeah, what's that all about?" Zayn replies.


"Well that girl that died a couple months ago, what was her name? Oh yeah. Maria Ferrero, they found traces of poison in her system and they tracked the source to this guy who's running around somewhere out here." I freeze. Maria? Ferrero? Poison? Murder? I swayed in my chair and almost fell, but Zayn catches me. "Katharine, what's wrong?"


"Ma-Ma-Maria? P-p-poisoned?" I stutter my words.


"Yeah, and?"


"Best friend, first song," I can barely get my words out.


Niall inches towards the door and silently shuts it."It’s ok Katie," Zayn says as he sits me up. I shake out my head and sit on Zayn's lap, throwing my arms around his neck. 


He starts to hum my first hit song, gone too soon, and I let the words come to me. I start singing along and he says, “So that's what the song is about huh?"


"Maria was my best friend and the day before she died, she began a story."


"What was the story?" Of course I have it committed to memory. 


"It was only 4 lines long, and it went like this. The people are staring at me.Of course, you’re an international superstar! What's that? Katharine...And then it just ended."


"Wait, this was before you were famous?" Zayn inquires. I nod,


"Yeah…. It kind of freaked me out when I got on the radio and then all of a sudden I was the new hit thing, right after Maria practically predicted what was going to happen.” I get choked up and start to cry again.


Zayn looks at me sympathetically. "Katie..." I look up.


"Yeah?" He brushes a tear from my eye. 


"How about we go to the candy store downtown, yeah? Would you like that?" I grin weakly.


"Thank you." I kiss his cheek. "Love you." He smiles and carries me outside the room and into the elevator. He sets me on my feet and I steady myself with the handrail. We hit floor one and head out the double doors, but not before pulling hoods over our heads so people didn’t chase us. He wraps his arm around me and smiles. 


"Come on, just across the street." We start to run when a white van shoots out from nowhere. Zayn holds back and attempts to save me, but I slam into the van as it speeds ahead. My world grows blurry as I hear a faint echo of my name. "Katharine!"
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