Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


7. Memory


I wake up in a blindingly white room. Where am I? I can barely remember my name is Katharine Abigail Leighton. "Hello?" I call out. A lady walks over to me.


"Katharine, you feeling better?" I rub my eyes and the lady seems to blur.


"Um, sure..." She looks concerned.


"Poor dear, got in a coma...." Wait, what's a coma? What's going on? Am I ok? Hmm...."You wouldn't remember. It hit you too hard." What hit me to hard? 


"What's happening?" I ask, confused. The lady tsks. 


"Maybe you should look out the window, honey. You might remember." I peek out and people stare at me, and start waving their arms wildly. I don't know any of them. 


"The people are staring at me." The nurse nods kindly.


"Of course, you're an international superstar." I frown. I have no clue what she’s talking about.


"What's that?" I ask. The nurse sighs.


"Katharine...." A dark haired boy bursts in, panting and red faced. He looks sorrily at the nurse.


"I don't care if she doesn't remember. I have to see her." The nurse only sighs.


"You'll only get your heart broken, dear." The dark haired boy looks sadly at me.


"Katharine. I don't think you remember me, but I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik. And before the accident, we were in love." I widen my eyes.


"Surely I'd remember if that's true," I say, getting more confused by the minute. He starts crying.


"You really don't remember me, do you." I shake my head, feeling kind of bad for him, even though I didn't know him. 


"I guess I must have, but I'm really sorry. I just don't know you." Zayn's face crumples and he holds my hand. 


"After all we'd been through... Though a few days, I thought it wouldn't end. Not like this." Zayn is weeping. I tap his head.


"We could though. Be together. I mean, who's to say I can't fall in love again?" He shakes his head.


"When you regain your memory, give me a call. It hurts too much." He leaves. I start to cry out. I pause, recalling the faintest recollection. And I remembered. Him, holding me close and his eyes saying he’d never let me go. My heart aches as I regain the small memory. 


"ZAYN! Wait!" I hear a door slam far away. I whisper the last words. "I...remember." 

I grabbed a phone off the bedside table and looked through it. It was mine!


TYPE to Message Zayn<3 


Me: Zayn, I remember.


Zayn<3: prove it


Me: I only remember u and I eating breakfast with niall…


Zayn<3: close enough, Niall wasnt eating with us


Zayn bursts through the door and the memories of the past few days, or however long ago it was, comes flooding back. He is some kind of magic.


"Maria's story..." I whisper to him.


"So you do remember?" he asks me, eyes staring intently at mine.


"Not only do I remember, the exact words in the story just came out of my mouth."


"What!?" he exclaims, jumping back a little.


"Before I remembered, the nurse showed me the crowd and I said 'The people are staring at me' and she said 'of course your an international superstar' and since I was feeling dumb I said 'what's that?' and she was all eye rolling and like 'Katharine.’"


"Who was that Maria girl?" he asks, shaking his head in disbelief.


"I thought I knew." I hang my head and a tear drops off my face and onto the white floor. Everything was so confusing. Was Maria a psychic? Was she really 15? Was she... Murdered? "Zayn?” I ask.




"How long was I? In a coma, I mean."


"A week and a half." He beams and kisses me out of nowhere. "I can't believe it's been a week and a half since I've kissed you."


“I can't believe that we delayed our recording session a week and a half,” I reply dryly.




"Seriously, Gail the snail must be getting nailed for this!" 


"By the way." Zayn reaches out and hands me a bag of peach rings and gummy bears. “Thought you might want something from that candy store."


"Zayn!" It is my turn to yell his name. I gobble up the candy like I hadn't eaten in a week, no pun intended, and after I finish I look down to assess my injuries. Two broken legs? Recording session is still happening. Sprained back? No problem. Recording session is on. In fact, nothing will really affect my singing. I test my voice. “Did you guys start to write the new song yet?" 


"Actually yes, here." Zayn hands me a piece of paper and scooches right up next to me.


“Sometimes it’s hard to see, the people we used to be, but now that I can hear, you’re whom I want to be near” Zayn softly sings along as I read the world. I catch up with the tune.


“And on the rainiest of days, I really need you, and all that matters, is that you’re here and on speed dial you’re my 2, no where else I’d rather be, then having you, here with me….” Our voices blend towards the ending. I smile up at him.


“It’s beautiful.” He wraps his arms around me.


“I wrote it for you.” He then kisses me lightly. “I guess you should get some rest, right?” I nod in agreement.


“It’s been a long day,” I say. He turns to leave and I call out to him. “Zayn?” He turns to face me. “Thank you.” He nods, blushing, and exits. Oh, that guy’s a dream.


Message from Cassidy!!!: Hey girlie u ok? Heard about ur accident let me know kk?


Ah, Cassidy Reynolds. So she did remember me. We hadn’t really talked a lot after Hollywood, but she was one of my closest friends.


Me: omg hi! missed u. im fine-gots an amazing guy 2 take care of me. guess who


Cassidy!!!: um, amazayn malik! its all over da news. u guys r in love J


Me: yeah, livin the dream hes amazing


Cassidy!!!: hey I gtg but catching a plane to cali so I can c u. leaving Thursday.


Yay! I’d finally have a friend to talk to. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I have no celebrity friends. Not like I’d want them. Besides, when you have great friends back home, who needs them? Cassidy was coming. Ooh, this was going to be fun. Two days. 

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