Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


3. Meeting a dark and mysterious guy


I shook my head out and looked around to assess the room. From what I learned from Posie, my manager, there were 5 boys in the band, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, but I had no idea who was who besides Harry, Zayn and Niall. I look to the two others.   “So…you must be Louis and Liam.”       "No!,” says one with a mischievous grin.       I must have looked hurt, because Niall kicks them in their shins.       "We’re kidding lass!" the other one said with a short laugh.       "I'm Liam,” said the one who looked more like Justin Bieber. I nod slowly.       “So you must be Louis,” I say, pointing to the other boy. He nods.       “Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson.”       Suddenly the door bursts open and standing right in front of me is Liam, no wait, that’s JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER! I gasp and stare. He's panting like a dog and looks around.        "Usher! You got me again," he muttered angrily.        "Heh heh... Sorry guys, I'll just be going then...." He turns and runs out the door.        "Usher probably told him there was a lifetime supply of hair gel in here," I say and One Direction laughs.       The laughs are cut to an abrupt end as in walks the record artist, none other than the famous Gail Huntsworth. Only Niall seems to have the courage to say “Hey, Gail,” but judging by how Harry started silently cracking up, it was a total dare. Gail heads to the glass separating the record artists from the musicians, then swivels to face us so quickly that I nearly jump out of my seat.       “Alright, listen. You may have heard of me as ‘Gail the Snail’ because I am notoriously slow at producing songs.” Zayn punches Louis playfully at ‘Gail the Snail’ and they crack up. Gail looks sternly at them before continuing. “That is because I am a perfectionist-as in, perfection isn’t a goal, a ‘try’, if you will. It is a requirement.” Judging by the emphasis on requirement, this lady does NOT joke around. “I have prepared a general theme-this is disbelief. Meaning, that you can’t believe how the world is going to end, or how beautiful some girl is.” The guys look antsy as she says ‘girl.’ Do they have crushes? Wait, that’s not right. I think Harry and Louis are dating other people, and Liam and Niall don’t seem as nervous as-wait, is Zayn TREMBLING? He meets looks at me, but when he sees me watching him intently his gaze darts away, as if embarrassed. Is that even possible?       Gail studies us. “Hmm, maybe it should be a disbelief as in ‘does he…like me?’” And with that she walks out of the room, leaving us at a very awkward state of repose, none of sure of what to say. Or maybe that only applied to me, but also…Zayn.       As if he sensed something was arise, Niall starts making kissing noises and Zayn snaps out of whatever he was in and focuses. Maybe I did imagine it all. But Zayn glances at me, and starts talking.       “Alright, Katharine, what do YOU think we should do?” I am taken aback because of how challenging it sounded. I secretly grin.       “Well, why don’t we use Gail’s suggestion? That you can’t believe someone likes you.” I’d been unsure of the challenge’s nature before, but clearly this was one of ‘you like me? Prove it.’ And by his raised eyebrows, he seemed to know. But wait a minute-would this be bad for my publicity? I mean, Zayn Malik and I…What if they said ‘Zayn uses Katharine for her money’ or WORSE….       Zayn shrugs. “Yeah, we could.” Niall, Harry and Louis nod. We look to Liam-who is snoring like a hippo. We just burst out laughing, because we were so serious until that moment. Liam grunts and rubs his eyes.       “Huh? What’s going on?” He slurs. We all shake our heads as we grin.       “Oh, nothing,” I say in a very unconvincing way.       "You know, we only came up with the plan for our new song, no biggie." Louis said, waving it off.       "What is it?" he said, yawning.        "Well, the idea is that you can't believe someone likes you." Harry explained.        Liam's eyes dart over to Zayn before saying, "So which one of us gets the solo?" I looked over at Zayn, half expecting him to volunteer.        "How about Zayn?" said Niall, elbowing Harry.       "Yeah, that sounds good," Harry replied as he caught on.        "Guys…." Zayn sounded wary.       "So it's settled, Zayn gets the part!" Louis claps Zayn on the back. Zayn looks at me and I blush. God, I'll never hear the end of it if Zayn and I went out, and the paparazzi weren't the problem. Someone stepped though the door.       "Mail for Miss Leighton?" called the deliverer, and handed me a letter.        I opened it and inside was a typed note. I started reading out loud.   "Roses are red    Daffodils are yellow   If you know what’s right   Don't go chasing that Zayn fellow   Dave Reno."       I felt all the blood leave my face. I looked up at Zayn, and he looked like he wanted to rip up Dave, or Maria, or whoever this person is. "It’s Maria."       Zayn came over and tapped my shoulder. "You ok?"        "Fine, but this is getting weird."        "So, someone's got an angelic secret admirer, eh?" Harry asked. Ok, at this I had to laugh.        "Yeah, I guess." I looked back at Zayn. He looked relieved now, his face returning to its natural color. Did I imagine the horror on his face when I read "Dave’s” warning to stop chasing him? Or did he really like me enough to not even want to hear those words?       Posie came in at that moment. "Kate? It's about time to head to the hotel. Eh! Don't say a word."       "Pose, we just got here!"       "The boys are at the same hotel, so stop your worrying." God, that woman can read my mind. The guys started to pack up but since I didn't bring anything, I waited. Before Zayn could leave I grabbed his arm.        "Can I talk to you for a minute?"       Zayn peeks around, seeming nervous. “Uh, sure.” I take a deep breath. Here goes nothing.       “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to meet for breakfast tomorrow morning, you know, at the little café on the first level? It’s called Chip’s Pancakes, if you’re interested.” Just wow. I was the most awkward girl on the planet. But Zayn smiles shyly, as if he had hoped I’d say something.       “Yeah, I’d really like that. Meet you at 8?” Oh. My. God. Zayn does like me. I nod. He smiles in return. Oh, what a smile. “Cool, see you then.” My face is burning and butterflies-no, a stampede of elephants-are darting vigorously in my stomach. I might as well have worn a t-shirt saying ‘I love Zayn.’ Then again, he might’ve had a matching one inscribed with ‘I Heart Katharine.’ Whoa, hold on. I was getting way ahead of myself. It was just a casual date, right? Like we were…friends. Friends. I don’t know if that’s all I’d want. Really, it depended on what he wanted too. The wants had to be mutualistic for anything to work out-and that’s a big if right there. My heart is pounding as I press the up arrow on the elevator. Ding! The doors slide open, and Zayn follows me in. I punch the 5. The elevator slowly begins to rise, the numbers counting.   1. Zayn sidles closer to me.   2. He looks away as if he isn’t interested, but based on the yes I got for breakfast, not a chance.   3. His mouth opens as if to say something, but then he swipes his hand across it like he’d decided against it. What was he thinking?   4. Again he opens his mouth, but to casually yawn, and he pulls out his phone to check messages, and he thumb types one to what I see as HARRY S.   5. He smiles at me and reaches to hold my hand, and we step onto the floor. Where my manager, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall are waiting. Standing a few feet behind them is a poor old janitor, but even his jaw drops, before quickly busying himself in work. Posie’s eyes are wide open and shocked, but she blinks twice as if to clear her head. As for the boys, they seem in a more ‘ooh look, Zayn likes a girl.’ I shoot them a look to say Yeah, and? That girl happens to be Katharine Leighton, and she can totally screw you! The guys turn away shamefully, and Zayn checks his keycard number. “Room 507.” I check mine, hoping.       “Oh, mine’s 506!” I hope I didn’t sound too excited. But Zayn doesn’t seem to mind.       “Guess we’ll see each other often.”       Well, that was a given anyhow. Hello? We’re writing a song together. Posie coughs gently, which brings full attention to her.       “Oh, yes. We have some rules. No visiting each other’s rooms unless it’s an emergency.” We all groan, but Zayn and I especially. Niall makes kissy face, but Zayn kicks him in the shin. Hard. While Niall grimaces over his new injury, Adelina continues. “Also, because those dreaded paparazzi are everywhere, you must inform us of where you’re going when leaving rooms, and have a security guard with you at all times.” Ouch. So much for ‘private maybe romantic breakfast with Zayn.’ Now it would be ‘Maybe romantic breakfast with Zayn eavesdropped by buff guy.’ I mouth sorry to him and he nods and replies. It’s okay. I smile and give him a thumbs up. Posie goes on. “Now, you are dismissed. Head to your rooms and get changed, we’re meeting for dinner at Le Majestic at 7 p.m. Be out and ready at 6:45.” All right, so I had 45 minutes to be ready.       Zayn waves goodbye and Niall, trying to be funny, shouts “Adios, chica!” This is followed by whoops from Harry, Liam and Louis. Zayn and I simultaneously roll our eyes. He drops a piece of paper on the ground, and I read it with wonder.       Text or call me (: Love, Zayn Below it he’d scrawled his number. Aww.
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