Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


4. Maybe Crazy, But in Love

I walk into my room, 506 and am welcomed with a beautiful view outside of a brick wall. So much for a "scenic view of Miami's gorgeous beaches." I discover I have a queen sized bed and a bathroom twice the size of my room back home. I look around for a while before I came to a door. I cautiously knock, expecting to be knocking on the door to the hallway, but instead a familiar voice answered. 


"Hello?" says a familiar male voice.


"Zayn?" I question, hopefully.


I open the door and there is Zayn, standing there looking smug. "Guess they weren't anticipating a door linking the rooms yeah?" he asks.


"Even if they knew they probably also figured I'd need a map to find it again."


He laughed. “There aren't any security guards in your room are there?" I asked. 


"No, I don’t exactly want a bunch of creepy body builders watching me get dressed do I?"


I blush, secretly cursing myself for imagining Zayn getting dressed. "So you wanna come in?" I ask. He responds by slipping past me and sitting on my bed. 


I sit down next to him. "So," I say, not sure what to ask.


"How long have you liked me?" I decide.


"Well, when I first saw you perform, of course before we were famous, I dreamed of you. I gave up on it and then we became famous. And.... Here I am!"


"I wouldn't think you were one to go after the bleached blonde." 


"Well, I'm not, but you..."


I blush. He puts his arm around me. 


"Zayn?" we hear a faint call. 


"Shoot! That's Niall!" he runs to the divider door, but not before yelling, "See you at dinner!"


I sigh and flop down on my bed. Zayn Malik and me. Dream. Come. True. I pull my bags from the door that connects to the hallway, and open them. The first thing I do is grab my phone and fumble through my pockets for Zayn's number. I punch it in and text him. 


TYPE to Message Zayn <3

Me: We still on 4 2morrow?


I bounce eagerly on my bed and hug a pillow to my chest. My phone vibrates and I throw myself onto it.


Zayn <3: of course! Maybe we can slip past the creepy body builders...


Me: Lol ikr 


I couldn't believe I was living every teenage girls dream of texting Zayn Malik. Little angel voices sung in my head. My phone buzzes again. 




I look in confusion at my phone before another message comes.


Zayn <3: sorry, that was Niall.


I laugh because I hear Niall making kissy noises outside my door. I open it and he stands up straight. 


"Do you want something?" I ask sweetly.


"Yeah, can I come with you two on your daaaaaatttteeee?" Niall drags out the word date to make it ten times more awkward. I glare at him. Jesus, I'd rather face the paparazzi-no, actually the paparazzi is worse. Never mind. I got to be careful what I wish for.


“No, that’s why it’s a date. Which means two people. Alone.” I put extra emphasis on alone. Niall laughs.


“Yeah, right. It’ll be all cozy. You, Zayn, and creepy body builder guy. Yup….” Zayn rolls his eyes. “Trust me, it’s impossible to get past those creeps,” he continues. I shoot him a look.


“How would YOU know?” I ask to his face. Niall shrugs awkwardly.


“Eh, you could say…personal experience.” I hear a burst of laughter come from the door and I whip around to see Liam come in, in hysterics.


“You should’ve seen! Niall…he comes up to this guy and he says ‘Eh bud, you mind scooching aside for the amazing Niall?’ And the guy says nothing! And so Niall says ‘Yeah, I was talking to you,’ and the guy says nothing again! So Niall goes, ‘Hey pretty little girl, mind if I get a move on? My butt needs to be insured,’ and the guy throws him over his shoulder and sets him on the bed!” Liam is talking crazy fast through laughs. A grin spreads across my face and I start to laugh too.


“Nice, Niall,” I say sarcastically. But Niall has already turned away and is huddled in a corner.


“I am now in the Corner of Shame,” says Niall, his face beet red. Louis and Harry come through with a plastic crown. How’d they get that? They place it on his head, laughing as it gets a bit lopsided.


“All hail Niall, King of the Failures,” they announce proudly, and Zayn pretends to play a horn. I smack him playfully, and he clutches my hand with his fingers, and uses his left hand to waggle a ‘no, no!’ finger at me. Niall refrains from making his kissy face, but Liam doesn’t hold back and fake vomits. As if on cue, Niall falls down to pretend he fainted. Louis and Harry just sort of shrug, because they get it.


“Hey, morons, watch this!” And he kisses my cheek. Liam gasps in mock horror and falls down-on top of Niall, who groans.


“I’d puke...but I’m kind of disabled by Liam, King of the Heavy,” utters Niall through wheezing attempts to breath. I touch my cheek in the spot where he’d…. Wow. Even though it seemed to be a way to make Liam and Niall grossed out, it still felt like…something was there. A spark. I have no idea how Zayn felt, but I did feel a spark. With a loud sigh I debrief.


“Can I have a private moment please? With Zayn?” I ask as nicely as I can. Niall widens his eyes and mouths ‘ooh…’ and Liam, Harry and Louis simply leave. Niall notices this and skitters out, blushing. Zayn looks at me, concerned.


“What is it, Katharine?”


I give a sigh and bite my lower lip. “Look, Zayn, I…” He holds his index finger to my lips.


“Shh…I know what you’re going to say. And yeah, it was kind of a way of getting Niall and Liam to freak. But-it wasn’t just for that!” My eyes stare into his, searching for lies. No. Wait, no lies? For real? Never had a guy been so open and honest with me. “I really like you Katharine.” He puts a hand on my shoulder. “I’m terribly sorry, but I have to go. The body builder, Ian, said he was coming to lock all doors soon.” The clock dings nine times to signify the dawning hour. He squeezes my hand. “Goodnight, Katharine.” I wave. Bye.
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