Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


9. I Thought I Knew You


15 minutes that feel like 5 hours pass by when Anne pops in with a smile. “Good news, honey. You get four hours to be out of the hospital, and have free time. Enjoy yourself, but stay out of trouble,” says Anne.

She sets a shopping bag on the table, which was full of stuff. She winks and exits, but not before saying, “Make sure you take what’s in the bag.” Cassidy and I grab the bag and rip through pink tissue paper before discovering the contents.

There was clothes, makeup, and even ‘Easy Washable Hair Dye Formula!’ We give each other a knowing look, because we know exactly the reason for this. Paparazzi. I go into the room’s closet to change into leopard print jeans, a black tank top with a matching leather jacket.


“Ouch!” I cry out, feeling a pointed object. I carefully grab it out…oh no. Spiked heels are the mystery pain-deliverer. I later find a studded belt. When I finally step out of the closet, I find Cassidy in black jeans, red pumps, and a bandeau top matched with a lace blazer.


“Attractive,” she says in a sarcastic tone. I laugh.


“Same goes for you, ‘bro’,” I say. She digs through the bag and pulls out the two hair dyes.


“Which one do you want, Vibrant Red or Bright Black?” she asks. I point to the red dye and she shakes her head, smiling. “Come on, there’s a bathroom to the left.” I enter the pasty white stall, immediately noticing the streaky tiles and aging sinks. “Lovely,” remarks Cassidy, and we begin.

Squirting the dye onto a brush, I slowly paint on the color. Soon, my hair is a bright red. I look to Cassidy, whose hair is so dark I nearly mistake her for another person. She smiles at me. “Hey, don’t forget makeup.” She passes me a sparkly white eyeshadow, black liner and bright red lipstick.


When we finish, we look nothing like ourselves. “Okay, Anne’s a genius,” I confess, feeling crappy from the caked on makeup, but fine nonetheless. Cassidy nods.


“We’re ready to hit the streets, sister!”


We head to the garden of many flowers cafe to see what was going on with the guys. Zayn was staring at us as we walked in and I winked at him. He widened his eyes and looked at my shoes. I smiled and sat at the table next to theirs.


"I plan on having the song out by mid-October." Gail was telling the boys.


"it's June!" Niall protests. Gail lifts her finger to shush him and he sits back with scowl. Me and Cassi laughed and Niall turned to look at us.


"Who are you?" he asks, clearly confused.


"Hello Nialler, I’m Katie and this is your, I mean this is Cassi,” I reply with a kicka** smile. His jaw dropped at Cassi's name and he looked her up and down.


"Damn girl!" he says. Cassi smiles and flips her hair.


"Go!" Gail says with a flick of her hand. "I'm sick of you!" 




"So, what do you want to do?" Zayn asks. We are back at the hospital. Cassi and Niall are at the movies, and Louis is out at the mall.


"I don't know, play a board game? 20 questions? Something other than asking each other what to do?" I flop back down onto the bed and frown at the ceiling. Zayn nods. After 4 hours of being up, being back in the annoyingly white room was like a dungeon. 


“How about Truth or Dare?” he asks me. I nod in agreement, seeing as there is nothing else to do.


“Okay, Zayn, truth or dare?” I ask. He taps his chin, and bites his lowerlip nervously.


“Truth,” he decides, voice slightly quivering. I think for a minute.


“What’s your deepest regret?” I ask. He tenses up, frozen as a popsicle. “Zayn, hello?” He shivers.


“No judgement?” he asks. I nod.


“Of course, nothing could be bad enough-” I start, but he cuts in.


“My deepest regret is getting a girl pregnant,” he says quickly, then turns away. Wait, what?


“What do you mean?” I ask. He shakes his head.


“Before I was seeing you, I got a girl pregnant, and now she might hate me. She’s due one day from now….” I jump up and widen my eyes.


“You what? How? I thought we were dating, and I was you’re only girl,” I say, crying lightly. He sighs heavily.

“I don’t remember everything. I don’t think I would, we were….wasted,” he says. I widen my eyes, which I’m sure are as big as a deer’s when it gets caught in headlights.


“Wait, what are you trying to tell me?” I ask. He sighs yet again.


“I got a random girl pregnant. I don’t know her, but she left me a note saying the child’s mine, she wants nothing to do with it.” He starts crying, and I step back.


“And you don’t tell me until NOW?” I scream. He puts his head in his hands.


“I need help! Katharine please…”


“NO! YOU DO THIS, DON’T TELL ME, AND THEN EXPECT HELP? FORGET IT! WE’RE DONE!” I shout, and storm away, tears streaming down my face. Half way home I break down, and sit on the sidewalk in a feeble position, as the rain starts to fall.

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