Never Forget

Katherine Leighton. A normal girl, unless you consider the fact that she's an international superstar. Katherine of all people knows that a celebrity status doesn't fix problems. It doesn't erase the fact that Maria is dead. Or that Maria knew. A collaboration with One Direction is a major boost in her career, but falling in love could be what brings it to shambles. Maria's death starts to look less like a death, and more like a curse, and Katherine will have to give up everything to be able to survive...


12. A Very Nando's Encounter


“Hi, sweeties. What can I get you all for drinks?” asks the waitress, who’s tag says ‘Angela.’ She flips her bright red hair and bats her clumpy mascara’d lashes at Zayn. I instantly feel red anger coursing through me. Sensing this Zayn smiles at me and mouths, “It’s okay, I’m yours.” I put my arm around him. The waitress glares at me a bit.


“I’ll have the carrots please! And water for Kevin!” says Louis, smiling widely. The waitress rolls her eyes a bit. “Oh fine, I’ll have water,” grumbles Louis. Niall laughs. The other boys had insisted on coming, except Harry who was sick.


“I’ll have water as well,” says Zayn. The waitress nods. “Niall? Liam? Kat? Cassi? Water?” Everyone except Cassi agrees on water. Cassi smiles coyly.


“I’ll have…Sex On The Beach with extra Nialler please,” she says. We burst out laughing and the waitress reddens madly. “Chill your tits, I’ll have lemonade,” she says, and the waitress scurries off.

“Cassi!” I complain. Cassi frowns.


“What, it was a joke!” she says. I roll my eyes.


“I’m going to go apologize to her, since no one else will,” I announce and follow the waitress to the entry to the kitchen, which was in sight of our table.


“Look, we are so sorry-“ I start. She whips around and glares.


“Bitch, what do you want from me. You don’t deserve Zayn, and I hope you know you’re ugly too.” She slams the door in my face. I start to tear, and I’m sure my mascara is running like a river by the time I enter the bathroom. It’s empty, and seemingly soundproof. I cry loudly, wondering why I care, but feeling worthless. Someone knocks at the door.


“It’s busy!” I shout, trying to block my teary voice.


“Kat?” It’s Zayn, and he bursts into the room.


“You know, it’s a girls bathroom right?” I mumble. He nods.


“But you need me, girls bathroom the location or not,” he replies. I smile a bit. “Now, why would a lovely girl like you cry?”


“The waitress. I know it sounds so stupid,” I keep crying. He embraces me.


“Whatever she did, I hope she knows whose girl she’s messing with,” he says protectively. I grin a bit.


“Come on, let’s head back,” he says, and goes to step out the door. I tug him back. “What?” he asks. I point to the girl’s bathroom sign. He nods. “Alright, alright, I’ll follow you.” I lead the way out and check to see no one’s looking, and then tug Zayn out.


I sigh in relief. “That was…close.” He smiles and nods. “Table’s that way,” I remark with a slight laugh. I’m halfway there when I turn around to make sure he’s there-but Zayn wasn’t. I faced forward and nearly collided into him!


“Zayn!” I mock whine. He laughs a bit. “Seriously? You scared me so ba-” he cuts me off and kisses me. Right in front of the waitress, I might add. I saw her storm away in a huff out of the corner of my eye, but I didn’t care. We broke apart and headed to the table, who we noticed had been watching us. Cassi and Niall are whooping and whistling loudly.


“Shush!” Louis shouts. “Kevin is busy studying his carrotology!” Cassi rolls her eyes and proceeds to sit on Niall’s lap. Niall shields his food with his hand, and shoos her. Cassi pouts and he gives her it instead. Wait-did Niall just share his food?! Liam must’ve noticed.


“It’s revolutionary! The Niall Horan has just shared food with someone!” Liam shouts, raising his glass. A bunch of tables cheer along with ours, and Niall grins along with Cassi. Tonight couldn’t have turned out more perfect, it seemed. The waitress peeked out the door of the kitchen and saw us. She glared, and I winked and kissed Zayn. Then there was a shattered window, and people began to scream loudly. Zayn shields me protectively, and Cassi hides with Niall under the table- with the food of course.

“What do you want?” shouts an unfamiliar person. The crook smiles and reveals her perfect face, with the blonde hair I’d known so well.


“Pay back bitch, but don’t worry. I’m just letting a certain Katharine Leighton know she’s next,” says the girl, and she jumps back through the window and runs off into the night.


“Oh my god,” Cassi whispers to me. I nod.


“It’s Adriana.”


The ever present body guards sprint after her. Cassi is clinging to Niall. Niall is holding her against his chest. Me? I’m frozen to my seat. 


"Kat?" Zayn asks. 


"I," I wipe a tear from my eye. "I know her." I shift my position so I could hold onto Zayn. He pulls me into his lap and hugs me. The waitress waddles over.


"Can I get you anything else?" she says sweetly. Liam, usually the quiet one, stood. He walked up to the waitress and slaps her across the face. 


"You stay AWAY from us lady. If anyone gets to be a bitch to Katharine it's Niall," Liam hisses. Thank god the paparazzi happened to follow the body guards instead of to stay and ruin Liam's career. Louis keeps his eyes on Liam as he sits back down. His mouth is wide open.


"Holy shit Liam what was that?!" Cassi asks. Liam sits there like he doesn't know himself.The waitress looks back at Zayn as she walks to the kitchen. Sirens whir in the backround but I'm clutching Zayn and crying so hard I can barely hear them. 


"Let's go to the car," Liam suggests.Niall nods and Zayn gives me a piggy back ride to the limo. I feel like I'm 5 again but I don't care. A thought occurs to me through the thick fog in my mind.


"Who's babysitting Katie?" I ask.


"Your mom came to look after her for the night," Zayn replies calmly. I whip my phone out of my pocket and dial our home number. Mom picks up.


"MOM?" I half yell half sob into the phone. 


"What is everything ok? What's wrong?" Mom asks, sounding frantic.


"Where's Katie?" I demand.


"She's in her room sleeping, why?" Mom inquires, sounding confused.


"Check on her! CHECK ON HER!" I sob. Zayn lightly takes the phone from me. 


"Mrs. Leighton? Yes this is Zayn. Is Katie alright? Okay….Right….I’ll let her know…. Thanks." He hangs up and hands the phone back to me. 


"She's fine, but your mom is worried so she's staying in Katie's room until we get back," Zayn tells me confidently. I sigh with relief. A police car pulls past and I see a blond head in the backseat. I look into Adriana's eyes. She smiles. Not a sweet smile but more of a "this isn't over bitch" smile. 


Her words ring in my head.


I'm next.


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