When two worlds collide

Ariana Everdeen is in a very popular band called IGlow the nite when she goes on tour and her band mates.Mae,Zaynia,Nicolla,Marissa got on the plane before her and the bodyguards go with the other members of the band Ariana missed her flight then she bumps into one direction.


2. Lost in London

Ariana's pov
When we landed Harry walked me out he was really sweet
I found out that we were staying in the same hotel
I texted Zaynia and she said Heyy girl your in London we r at Nandos and we didnt check in to the hotel cuz marissa saw her cousin and they said that we can stay over at there place so marissa wanted to so check in to a hotel if you want to xoxo
What's wrong Harry looked conserned
My friends didn't check into the hotel
Oh you can sleep at my place
No no no I can sleep on the couch and you can sleep in my room
Yeah I think your a really nice girl^~^
Thank you.
Harry's pov
I opened the door and I shouted to the boys I'm home!!!
Louis came running to me and shouted BOOBEAR!!!
Then I gave him the I like that girl look and he said oh there's a girl eh?
Then at the corner of my eye I saw Ariana blushing like crazy!
Then Niall came running and said DID YOU BRING FOOD???
Then your useless to me.
It was getting late so me and ariana decide to get ready for bed.
Liam decided to watch an movie
TOY STORY Liam shouted
After the movie was done I needed to talk to Ariana.
Ariana I need to talk to you.
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