When two worlds collide

Ariana Everdeen is in a very popular band called IGlow the nite when she goes on tour and her band mates.Mae,Zaynia,Nicolla,Marissa got on the plane before her and the bodyguards go with the other members of the band Ariana missed her flight then she bumps into one direction.


1. Geting started

ARIANA'S P.O.V I woke up hearing my new album playing *never mind don't want you back want you back want you back don't care if you have a new girl don't want you back don't want you back don't want you back don't want you back* I shouted across the hall and said SHUT UP ALREADY!! Marissa,Nicolla,Zaynia and Mae barged in my room and said OH YEAH WAKE UP YEAH OH YEAH WAKE UP YEAH OH YEAH WAKE UP YEAH!!!!!!
Ok I'm awake!
Zaynia's P.O.V
I shouted it's tour day!!!
Ariana said oh crap today? I forgot to pack my stuff
It's okay I did it for you
Oh thanks
No prob
Ariana's P.O.V
I went to the washroom and took a shower and I combed my elbow length black hair I put on a black crewneck and white skinny jeans with black ad white Vans and I when out to the living room and found a note that said gone to the airport we were almost late for our Flight do we got you an ticket to England at 2:10 so you better go now -Mae xoxo <3
That's great ughh I better go now.
I called a cab to drive me to the airport.
Once I got there I was in a rush so no fans would notice me then I bumped into someone
Harry's P.O.V
I heard someone yell WHAT THE HELL???
I noticed that I spilled my tea all over her. She was beautiful.
Are you okay?
She said yea I'm fine
Your Ariana right?
Yea and your Harry styles right she said playfully
Haha yea
I need to go right now
Oh wait I'm so sorry for spilling my tea all over you
Its okay
Where r u going?
I'm going to england
Me too!
Where r u siting??
Looks like we r siting together
Yea we r
Wow I really like this girl.
Ariana's P.O.V
When we got on the plane me and Harry really got to know each other.
He asked me about my family what I like and what I don't like.
I think I'm falling for this boy.
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