Love story.

Karen,Jennifer, and Alex have always fantasized about having their dreams come true. But one of their dreams is to have members on one direction fall in love with them. What will happen?


1. Summer Plans.

"ALEX AND KAREN BETTER WAKE UP!!" Jennifer shouted loud enough to wake Karen and I. "Hey! what the heck is the problem?" Karen said while having a grumpy voice. "We have to get the microphones and start getting ready." Jennifer said in a slow voice. Karen and I both jumped up in shock and started to get ready. Karen wore baby blue Hollister skinny jeans, a light pink Hollister V-neck with a light blue tank top under it, scrunched her hair slightly to have the beachy waves. She never wore makeup, she doesn't need to anyways.Shes always looking BEAUTIFUL. Jennifer was wearing red shorts,a black V-neck shirt with a bright red tank top underneath, only wore mascara and eyeliner, and straightened her hair. And lastly, I wore white Hollister skinny jeans,my one direction hoodie, and curled my hair slightly while wearing my chicago bulls hat. We all went to the store and bought three microphones and bought an HD camera. When we finally got home, we started to get everything ready. We rolled the camera and all said "Hi guys, today we are doing a cover to 'Give your heart a break' by Demi Lavato. Hope you guys like it." We finished recording and went to the computer to edit the video. We have done a lot of covers to songs that we enjoyed. Mostly to One Direction. The next morning my phone buzzed and I answered it with a sleepy voice. "Hello is this Alex?" said a woman with a bit of a raspy voice. "Yes this is she" I relied. "This is an agent that works on The Ellen Show." My eyes widened and I hopped out of bed waking Jennifer and Karen. The woman and I had a conversation for a while then we ended the conversation. "Who was that?" Karen asked. "THAT WAS AN AGENT THATS ON THE ELLEN SHOW!!!" I shouted in excitement. Jennifer jumped up and asked me what she wanted. I told her that Ellen wanted us to go on her show for an interview.  

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