Is this really happening?

This is my first fanfic so please bare with me...
Dani was just an ordinary gurl untill she met them
One Direction my favorite boy band but when i saw harry
I fell in love.


3. My Dad

My dad WAS a ordinary guy until my mum past away on 9/11. After she past he started go get angry more often and got a little abusive but not alot i have some scares and bruises but thats ok, Im hoping One Direction will help him get his act back together.

The boys got in there black van and went to get there tour bus and my dad wanted to talk to me.

"So Dani you and Harry are dating now?"

"Um yes why."

"They are on a very tight schedule so please stay clear of them."

"NO! Never i hate you!"

I ran up to my room with my dad chasing me i screamed. He grabbed my arm and started to beat me i let him so he would stop quicker and suddenly the boys walked in, my dad didnt care he just kepting doing it.

"HARRY HELP ME!" I screamed.

Harry flung my dad back and kicked him in the balls.

I ran to harry he hugged me and held me like a baby i was balling.

"Liam call the police." Harry said while still holding me and calming me down.

"Ok." Liam said while dialing.

It was silent for a while and then Liam said "There on there way."

The police arrived about 10 minutes later while me Harry Louis Liam Niall and Zayn were watching there movie while my dad was tied to a chair. The police asked me and the boys some questions about my dad the boys didnt know much execpt that he was there manager and him name was Paul but when they asked me i told them EVERYTHING of how he use to be and how he was after mum died.

After all the questions they took my dad and let they said tat Louis was older so he had to take care of us... wow they are "smart".

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