Is this really happening?

This is my first fanfic so please bare with me...
Dani was just an ordinary gurl untill she met them
One Direction my favorite boy band but when i saw harry
I fell in love.


4. Harry


I couldnt believe what i just witnessed i thought Paul was a good guy well now we all know he's not.

"Come on Dani lets go clean you up." I said 


We walking into the bathroom and wiped up the dried up blood on her face and but cover up on her bruises.

After that i leaned in to kiss her she kissed me back...that was amazing.

We walking back into the living room and started to talk with the boys about a new manager like Louis dad or something like that but it had to be somebody we knew was a good and safe person and my goal is to protect me the the boys and Dani. We had to go to our next concert so we hoped in our tour bus and drove from california to my home town Cheshire England... this will take a while to the airport in florida we are taking the long way.

Me and Dani where laying on the couch together Louis and Niall were in the big bean bag and Liam was laying on the floor.

  Louis poped in the movie marly and me... great i always cry...thanks Louis your great.    

   When it got to the sad part Dani was asleep on me so i coulnt move away from the movie so i sat there crying not alot just a little. About an hour later i fell asleep. I had a dream about me and Dani getting married in our next concert the fans threw tomatoes at her she didnt care that the whole fan girl world hated her she was just glad she had me.

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