Is this really happening?

This is my first fanfic so please bare with me...
Dani was just an ordinary gurl untill she met them
One Direction my favorite boy band but when i saw harry
I fell in love.


2. A movie and truth or dare

My dad wanted me and the boys the know each other better so we watched a movie.... Toy Story Liam's favorite movie he begged us to watch it, so we did.

 After the movie we played truth or dare. Niall asked "Truth or dare Dani?"

 "I pick Dare" i said with a smile.

"I dare you to ... Hug all of us."

So i did, it was amazing.

Harrys P.O.V.

Wow Dani just huged me and well all of the other boys but when we touched it felt right.

Ok my turn.

"Dani truth or dare."


Ok here is my chance i loved her i do.

"Ok Dani will you go out with me?"

Dani's P.O.V.

Omg did Harry Styles just ask me out of course i will .

"Yes." I giggled a little after as i felt my cheeks turn red.

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