Is this really happening?

This is my first fanfic so please bare with me...
Dani was just an ordinary gurl untill she met them
One Direction my favorite boy band but when i saw harry
I fell in love.


1. Meeting the boys

"Dani! Come down here and meet my clients!" yelled my dad from the living room. I looked out my window and saw a black pedophile van. That worried me. I walked slowly down the stairs, worried that I would see some freaky burglar rapist.

"Dani this is One Direction." My mouth dropped I couldn’t believe One Direction was in my house. I was speechless. One Direction was my favorite band. I was standing there like a retard staring at them. "Dani, are you okay sweetheart?" Asked my dad, faking concern. I looked at him disgustedly. "Oh uhm, yeah, sorry, yes." I stuttered. “I’m Dani, Paul’s daughter?” I turned phrases into questions when I was nervous. I didn’t mean too. I just did. "Hi Dani." Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn said simultaneously. I looked towards Harry. He wasn’t saying anything, just staring at me curiously. He finally said something. "Oh, uhm, hi Dani." “These are my new clients, Dani. I’m their bodyguard.” My father said. “Wow, that’s chill.” I said, still shocked that One Direction was in my living room

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