To Good to be True

Shelby (main character) is just a normal teenage girl obsessed with One Direction, until she meets them in the most unusual way. Her life goes from no one notices her to everyone can't stop talking about the brown eyed girl, totally average girl.

I give Breann Grimes credit to the first 3 chapters of the book, she helped jump start my imagination and i just couldn't wait for new chapters so i created my own version. A very big thanks Bree.(:


1. Woah.

  Bekah and I sit in science class waiting for the teacher to come back in the room. We start talking and gossiping about the annoying guys in class. As soon as I remember that One Direction is in the city that's all we talked about. Bekah and I are huge fans of One Direction, and we are overly excited to have them in Texas. After we calm down Hannah, who sits behind us, told us that One Direction would never pick us over all the other girls in the world. Hannah isn't the nicest person. We make plans to go to Starbucks to get some iced caps after school. The teacher walks back into the room before I could even answer Bekah's question.

  With a creepy smile on his face, he gets every Friday. "Good morning class, it's Friday and you know what that means?" Everyone lets out a big sigh. Mr.Ryan puts on Rebecca Black's 'Friday' and he starts singing. "It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday." Everyone starts to boo. He Stops singing right away. "I'm not happy with the boo's you're giving me and my singing. Test time." We always do a test when we boo his singing. So that's every Friday. I hate tests.

*Skipping school*

  After school I meet Bekah at her locker. "Ready to go?" She asks me. "Lets go!" We both laugh as we walk out of the school. Bekah and I start heading to Starbucks. Our friend April joins us half way there. "Friday, Friday." We sing to make fun of the teacher. We make it to Starbucks about ten minutes after we left the school. I was walking; not paying attention to where I was going, when someone opens the door and hits me right in the face. April and Bekah just laugh. Then everything goes black, it felt like only seconds until everything cleared up again. I sit up, look around and start yelling. "Watch where you're going! Could you not see me walking here!? You could've broken my nose!" I hear a reply in the most beautiful Irish accent. "Sorry beautiful, can I help you up?" I look up and standing right in front of me is One Direction. One of the hottest boy bands is standing right in front of me. I keep my cool; I act like I don't know who they are. I look around, Bekah and April are gone, what friends they are. "Are you ok babe?" Niall asks again. "Oh sorry, I'm fine and sure you could help me up, you're the one who knocked me down." I giggle. Niall and all the boys laugh. He pulls me up and I shake myself off. "Sorry about that, I'm Niall; this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry." He says with a big grin pointing to each of them. "Hi guys, I'm Shelby" I look around to see if my friends are back, but they're not. I look back over to the guys, "And I don't know where my friends are." I smile. "Oh yeah you were out of it for a minute so we told them they could leave because we had everything under control" Liam says with a half grin on his face. "Thanks, oh ok so i guess you guys should be leaving then?" I say kinda sad, they could tell. "Now? We can't leave you." Niall says in his sad voice, like from the last movie diary. "You just passed out on the street because of me you really think the lads and I are just going to leave you out on the street?" Harry says trying to be the hero as he flips his hair. "No way Harry, I hit her with the door!" Niall says with an angry look on his face and they laugh. I laugh too, "But don't you have to get to a CD signing or something?" I say a little confused. "We just came from that. And you know who we are?" Zayn says so quiet I almost didn't hear him. "Yeah I know who you are, Does that bother you?" I say still confused. "No, you're just the first girl we meet that doesn't jump on us when you first saw us and not scream." Louis says with a happy smile. "Oh I get it, you want me to scream." I open my mouth really wide then Niall comes running over and puts one hand on my mouth and the other on my lower back. "Ok, ok. I won't scream." my words muffled by Nialls'  hand, I laugh when Niall takes his hand off of me. "Oh ok then what do you want to do?" I say quietly. "Shelby come back to the hotel, you'll love it there." Louis says with a big smile. "Yeah you'll love it, five hot single guys, and one sexy girl. It'll be great." Harry says giving me a wink. "But what if i said i have a boyfriend?" I ask knowing I don't have one, I never had one. It's fun to see the look on their faces. "Really, you have a boyfriend?" Niall lets out a squeak and he actually looks sad, I could even see a tear forming in his eye. Do they like me or is this a dream? "No I don't have a boyfriend, I mean who would like a girl that loves food as much as I do?" I laugh and smile at them. "Niall." All the boys say at once and laugh. Niall looks around and starts to turn red.

*Niall POV*

  She's perfect, she's beautiful, and she loves food as much as I do. I want her. "So are you coming?" I ask. I hope she says yes, if not I would have to do something to see her again. "Oh yeah sure, how far away is it?" She asks. I want to scream at the top of my lungs, but that would make things obvious. I start smiling and laughing, the guys look at me funny like I did something wrong.

*Shelby POV*

  Ok I'm going to their hotel. Should I be scared, happy, or nervous? I'm all of them. What's going to happen when I get there? And what are they going to think of me when we're done? Should I tell them I fell in love with them when I saw them? Am I going to be in a magazine for even talking to them? So many things I want to ask, but I don't have enough time with them.


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