To Good to be True

Shelby (main character) is just a normal teenage girl obsessed with One Direction, until she meets them in the most unusual way. Her life goes from no one notices her to everyone can't stop talking about the brown eyed girl, totally average girl.

I give Breann Grimes credit to the first 3 chapters of the book, she helped jump start my imagination and i just couldn't wait for new chapters so i created my own version. A very big thanks Bree.(:


2. Really?!

  The guys and I get into a big black SUV and Louis is driving, Liam gets into the passenger seat to make sure Louis knew where he was going. Niall, Zayn, Harry, and I climb into the back I sit between Niall and Harry, and Zayn sits across from me. Harry looks over to me and leans in to my ear, "You are so beautiful, you know that right?" he whispers. My smile grows bigger, "No one has ever told me that before." "Really? No one?" He looks at me in shock, like I'm supposed to hear it everyday. "Yeah, I've never been told I was beautiful." Niall hears us talking, "Can I tell you something?" Niall interrupts us. "Sure Niall, you can tell me anything." I smile. "You are gorgeous, you are so beautiful to me, can't you see?" Niall starts singing to me. I'm in heaven.. I try not to laugh but it's weird, Niall Horan singing to me? I must be dreaming. He laughs and Harry looks, in a way sad. What did i do? It was quiet until Zayn broke the silence and grabbed my phone, "Now don't go and give everyone my cell number ok?" He laughs. "Louis wrong way!" Liam yells trying not to laugh. "Right, it was a right!" Louis screeches, trying not to laugh. We do a total U-turn. "We're here!" Louis yells as if he was in a horror movie, we all laugh.

*Niall POV*

  Is Harry trying to steal Shelby? Does he like her too? I have to talk to him, I need to let him know she's mine.

  We arrive at the hotel and I hop out of the van, then turn around to help Shelby out, "Be careful, it's a big jump." I laugh. "I'm fine, but catch me!" Shelby says laughing as she hops out of the van. We all laugh as she falls on top of me. "Sorry Niall." She giggles trying to get up off of me. We head to the front desk to let them know we're here and we need another key for Shelby. We get trapped by the paparazzi before we make it to the elevator. Shelby gets pushed back by them, but I reach my hand out to her. She takes it and I bring her close, I put my arm around her shoulder. She smiles and laughs at the cameras, she's a natural. "Who's the girl? Who's she dating? Are you with Niall?" People question from the crowd. "Ok guys, we have no more time for questions, maybe tomorrow." And Liam saves the day again!

*Shelby POV*

  When we got to the hotel it was crazy. The paparazzi tried to push me out of the way. They didn't even know I was with them. Until I saw a hand come out and reach for me, I grabbed it. He pulled me close and put his arm around me. They started asking me questions; I was scared, I didn't want to say something wrong to send them a different message about they boys and I.

  When we get to the room, it's beautiful and really big. Six rooms, like they knew I was coming. "Wow guys this is amazing, and six rooms? It's like you knew I was coming." I smile and wink at Liam. "No that's not a bedroom Shelby, that's kind of a mud room.. uhh a balcony." He says and everyone laughs at my mistake. I try not to look as stupid as I feel, "Oh, got it." I stick my tongue out at him. "Love you too Shelby." He smiles, and we laugh. Niall's head whips around to look at us, but we continue laughing. "Come on Shelby let's go out to the balcony." Harry says locking his fingers in mine. "Harry can I talk to you for a bit? Sorry Shelby I'll bring him right back." Niall said sadly; he wouldn't even look at us. He just kept his eyes on the ground. "Sure Harry, But I think Niall wants you first." I smile trying to look calm. I'm going to look out at the beautiful city... at night, with Harry Styles!

*Harry POV*

  What did Niall want? I was walking hand in hand with an amazing girl that I wanted to get to know, but nooo. Niall needs to talk. I head into Niall's room, he has the blinds closed and he sat on the unmade bed. "Niall what do you need?" I ask. "Harry can you take one for the team?" Niall looks at me kinda sad. I sit down besides him. "Niall is everything ok? And what do you mean take one for the team?" I try to cheer him up, but he said only one thing could. "I want you to lay off Shelby; I mean I feel like we're ment to be... You know?" Niall looks at me with those blue eyes he knows I can't say no to. "Come on Niall, those eyes?" I frown. "Please Harry." He begs. "You don't even know her Niall." I want to let him know the truth, but he really doesn't want to listen to me. He want to find Shelby. "I'm trying, but you keep getting in the way." He says starting to get a little angry. He hops off the bed and turns around to face me. "Calm down Niall, she's on the balcony, go get her. But don't think I'll stay away from her when you break her heart." I say laughing at him as he lets out a loud squeal of happiness. "Thanks so much Harry!" Niall squeals like I gave him Nando's or something.

  "Now go get her Niall!" I say as we walk out of the bedroom and head down the hall to the stairs that lead to the living room. Shelby and Liam are on the couch watching 'Tarzan'. Shelby is wearing Liam's sweater, and he has his arm around her, does he like her too? Niall and I look at each other with confusion written all over our faces.

*Shelby POV*

  I'm standing outside for what felt like an hour. I walk into the living room shaking, I'm so cold. Liam gives me a weird look, one eyebrow raised and a half creepy smile. "Are you okay? you look like you saw a ghost and was shoved in a freezer." Liam says laughing. "No, I was waiting outside for Harry since 5:42." Liam runs to the remote on the side of the couch and opens the guide. "It's 6:30." He says. It was almost an hour I was right, I smile. "Here Shelby." He takes off his grey hoodie and his shirt gets stuck to it, his abs are showing and I feel like melting. He hands it to me. "Oh thanks Liam, but you didn't have to do that." I laugh as I put it on. "It's fine... So anyways, do you want to watch the rest of Tarzan with me?" He laughs. "Sure Liam, I love this movie." I smile as we sit on the couch; Liam pulls me close and puts his arm around me. "I want you close to me so you can warm up faster." He says. I put my head down on his chest to watch the movie. Liam and I cuddle. The movie is at the sad part when Jane and Tarzan are in the rain, I don't know why but that part always makes me tear up. "Shelby it's not that sad." Liam laughs pausing the movie. "I know, but I always cry at this part." Liam wipes my tears with his thumbs.

  "SUPPER IS READY!!" Zayn yells right behind us. "Thanks Zayn." Liam says sarcastically. Everyone laughs, and Liam and I walk to the table with his arm around my waist. "I'm so sorry Shelby, I didn't mean to leave you outside. Niall wanted to ask you if you wanted to stay the night. And we should get to know you some more? We already know you like to kiss doors." I punch Harry's arm. The guys laugh, Louis the most. "I'm still not happy about that, you know, And sure I'd love to stay, my step mom wouldn't notice me anyways." I say with a fake smile. "Aww poor Shelby." I turn to see Louis pretending to cry. I laugh and Niall smacks his arm for me. We talk for hours; it feels like we've known each other for years. We all sit at the table, laughing at Louis' jokes, smiling because Niall and Harry are fighting over the last biscuit, and best of all Zayn chasing Liam with a spoon. We finish the meal around eight.

  "I love food." I happen to say with my plate super clean. I walk to the sink to wash the dishes. "Shelby, do you need help with the dishes?" Harry skips over to help. "It's fine Harry I got them." I laugh watching Harry try to skip. "I'll dry." He says seriously and grabs a towel. I smile not noticing Niall standing in the door watching Harry and I. "I have to pee!" Louis yells and they all go running up the stairs. "Where did they all go?" I ask confused. "To bed probably, Liam loves sleep." He laughs. "You can go with them if you want." I say pulling a fork out of the sink. "No I'm fine. If they wanted me to go they would've called me." That made me feel bad for him. I dry off my hands and wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss his cheek and hug him tight, he hugs back tighter. "Harry?" Niall interrupts us. "Niall!" Harry yells pulling away. "Niall it's not what it looks like!" He explains. "What does it look like?" I ask confused. "Harry is trying to get with you like every other girl I like, right Harry?" He looks to Harry. "I didn't do anything, she hugged me!" Harry says looking at the floor. "Shelby you can head to my room, grab a shirt and head to bed if you want. You can have my bed, I'll take the couch." He says still not looking away from Harry. Niall must have seen that I was tired. "Thanks Niall, but I'll take the couch," I don't want him to have to take the couch because of me. "Shelby it's fine, I'll see you in the morning." He kisses me on the forehead as I walk out. "Night Shelby, see you in the morning." I hear Harry whisper.

  Night guys, see you later." I run up the stairs and sit down at the top, I push my hair behind my ears so I can hear everything they say. My legs are pulled into my chest, then I hear them fighting about me. I lean in to hear the conversation better, the next thing I know I'm tumbling down the stairs. The last thing I hear is Niall say "I think I might love her." Then everything goes black.

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