To Good to be True

Shelby (main character) is just a normal teenage girl obsessed with One Direction, until she meets them in the most unusual way. Her life goes from no one notices her to everyone can't stop talking about the brown eyed girl, totally average girl.

I give Breann Grimes credit to the first 3 chapters of the book, she helped jump start my imagination and i just couldn't wait for new chapters so i created my own version. A very big thanks Bree.(:


3. PhenomiNIALL!

  I wake up at the bottom of the stairs. Everyone is screaming my name. "I'm so sorry Shelby. I didn't see you there." Zayn needs to make sure I'm fine after he kicked me. "We didn't know you were there either.." Harry says. "What did you hear? I told you to go to bed Shelby." Niall says crying on the couch next to the stairs. "I'm Sorry..." I felt bad for Niall and Harry fighting, like if it was my fault. I wanted to make sure it was me they were fighting over before I left." I say grabbing my head and feeling a big bump on it. "Ouch..." I whine. "It's fine, just put the ice back on it." Harry leans in and kisses my head. "What do you mean leave?" Niall asks. "Come on guys! We have a radio interview next week so we need sleep to look our best." Liam yells before I could answer Niall. "Alright Daddy Direction!" I yell, and everyone laughs but Liam. I try to stand up, but I fall onto the couch. I'm to dizzy to stand.

  "Shelby are you ok? Here I'll help you up to my bed." Niall says winking at me. "Keep it in your pants!" Louis laughs. We walk up the stairs, Niall's arm is around my waist, keeping me from falling. He places me on the bed, and walks over to his dresser. He grabs a shirt and walks back over to me, "Here put this on." He hands me a red polo. "Where can I change?" I ask as I stand up, and immediately fall back down. "Are you ok Shelby?" Niall comes running over to my side. "I'm not leaving you alone like this, I'll help you change." He winks at me. "Niall I'm not letting you change me, I'm fine." I get up, walk slowly to the bathroom, and change. I put Niall's shirt on, that's the only thing you could see besides my white cherry panties. I open the door and Niall runs to my side. "Niall I can sleep on the couch." I plead. "No, but if it's fine with you I'm sleeping on the floor just in case you get sick or fall again." He says blushing. "That's fine with me Niall." I smile at him.

*Niall POV*

  She looks beautiful laying there. I want to run my fingers through her short wavy hair, look into her chocolate brown eyes, and tell her how I really feel. Then I hear her voice, it's soft and quiet because she's so tired. "Niall... did I hear you right?" She asks half asleep. "About what Shelby?" I kneel next to her. "I heard you said you might love me?" She whispers. That was the one thing I didn't want her to hear. "Yes." I answer. "I like you too Niall." She sits up and kisses my lips, our first kiss and it was perfect. I give her a good night hug and she falls asleep when her head touches the pillow. I kiss her forehead.

  I calmly walk out of my room and start running to Harry. I bang on the lads doors and we all run to Harry's room. "She said she likes me back!" I say with the biggest smile on my face, it hurt my cheeks but i couldn't stop. "Congratulations man, you finally found you girl." Harry says with a half-smile. "Ok now you got us all up, and I've said before, we have an interview." Liam reminds us."What is Shelby going to do?" I ask kinda curious. "Bring her Niall, if you really like her, bring her." Zayn says. "Thanks guys! You're the best." I walk back to my room, kiss Shelby on the cheek and lay on the ground. My mind won't let me sleep, I'm so happy.

*Shelby POV* ~Sunday~

  I wake up at 12 and Niall isn't on the floor. I get up and walk to the bathroom, Niall is having a shower. I brush my teeth quickly and get out fast. I walk down the stairs in Niall's shirt that i used as pajamas. I went to the kitchen to eat some cereal, I pour myself a bowl, eat, then head back upstairs. Niall is out of the shower. He's wearing some black baggy pants, and a white button down shirt. "Hey Shelby, ready to go?" He smiles. "Go where?" I laugh. "I'm not really ready to go anywhere." I look down at his shirt. "Oh right, i forgot to ask." He walks over and grabs my hand. "Shelby will you go to the movies with my?" I try not to laugh, but it's so cute. "Of course Niall, I'd love to. When do you want to go?" I smile. "As soon as you're ready. I'll get Harry to make us something to eat first, you like tacos right?" He laughs walking out of the room. Niall laid out a stunning red dress; he must have bought when he went shopping yesterday.. I put the dress on and it fit just right, I love it. I walk down the hall and to the stairs. Harry and Louis are in the kitchen cooking the tacos, they're listening to One Thing on the radio. I laugh then everyone stops and turns around to look at me. "Shelby, you look amazing!" Liam says walking over with no shirt on. "Thanks Liam, I love your shirt." We both laugh. "Whoa Shelby, you look gorgeous." Niall kisses my cheek and grabs my hand. "Your tacos are waiting." We laugh and eat our tacos we the guys. "Shelby we should go now or we'll miss the movie." Niall says taking our plates to the kitchen. "Alright Niall, what movie are we going to see?" I smile getting up. "Something scary." He laughs. "Ok." I say with a half smile. I hate scary movies. "We'll be back later." Niall yells to the guys, and we walk out the door. We get to the movie theater and get our tickets. We sit in the very back so maybe no one will recognize Niall. The movie starts and right away it's scary, I jump at everything that happens. I hide my face in Niall's chest, and he has his arm around me. He starts laughing at me being so scared. "Shelby do you wanna leave?" He laughs looking down at me. "Please??" I smile. As we walk out of the theater the paparazzi is waiting for us. Niall and I stop for some pictures and he takes my hand, I smile and laugh. I'm not famous, why would they take pictures? Niall grabs my hand as he starts to walk away. we walk down the street to a little bridge near the river. I pull out my phone and it's 8 o'clock. I quickly put it away. "This is so beautiful." I say leaning on the bridge railing. "I have a better view of something else." He smiles walking over to me. "Really? What is it?? I wanna see!" I say with a huge smile. "You." He smiles and we lean in to kiss each other. Our kiss was passionate and soft. We pull away and everyone near the bridge is staring at us. "Let's go." He smiles. "Yeah." I smile back. He grabs my hand and we walk back to the car. We drive back to the hotel, and there are so many fans waiting for the guys. Niall puts on some sunglasses and we run to the elevator. We get in and no one noticed us. I laugh as we get to our floor. "What's so funny?" He laughs opening the door for me. "They didn't even notice us." I smile. "Hey guys how was the first date?" Louis asks throwing a beer at Niall."Do you want one Shelby?" Zayn asks. "No thanks, and it was great!" I laugh and sit next to Liam. I smile at Louis and Liam puts his arm around me. "Yeah it was great." Niall walks over and kisses my cheek. "I think I'll head up to bed, I have school tomorrow." I say getting up. "Ok, night Shelby, if we're to loud tell us. We might just party down here." Niall kisses me and I walk up stairs, take off the dress, and put Niall's shirt on. I get under the covers, but i can't get to sleep. My mind is full, and I can't stop smiling. I went on a date with Niall Horan. That's every girls dream, but it happened to me.

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