To Good to be True

Shelby (main character) is just a normal teenage girl obsessed with One Direction, until she meets them in the most unusual way. Her life goes from no one notices her to everyone can't stop talking about the brown eyed girl, totally average girl.

I give Breann Grimes credit to the first 3 chapters of the book, she helped jump start my imagination and i just couldn't wait for new chapters so i created my own version. A very big thanks Bree.(:


4. Me... Famous?

  I wake up early, earlier than usual I carefully get out of bed trying not to wake Niall. I head to the bathroom, wash up then creep downstairs hoping Louis is awake so he could take me to school. Sure enough he was sitting at the table drinking his tea, one milk no sugar. "Louis?" I whisper. He jumps "You startled me dear, what do you need?" "Can you give me a ride to school?" I ask. "Sure babe, let's go." He gets up slurping the last of his tea.

*Louis POV*

  She's so beautiful, but I can't hurt Niall I have to keep my feelings in. "Louis?" she asks. "Yes dear?" I smile. "Thanks for the ride, I'll see you after school?" she says with a half smile. "Yeah I'll pick you up." I smile back.

*Shelby POV*

  I close the door behind me and start walking into the school. People are staring and whispering. I can only pick up pieces of their conversations, obviously about me. "Is that her?" "It can't be!" "Why her?!" I just look down and bite my lip. "Shelby?" It's Bekah and she looks confused. "Shelby, there's pictures of you with Niall all over the internet, is it true?" Before I could answer the bell rings and we walk in silence to 1st period. We take our usual seats in front of Hannah. "Why would Niall choose YOU, you're so ugly." Hannah snickers. I stand up to pick a fight with her when Mr.Ryan walks in. "Well, Well, Well. What do we have here?" his voice booms making us jump. "Shelby, Hannah.. What's going on?"He crosses his arms. "Nothing Mr.Ryan." We say in unison and sit back down.

*Skipping school*

Right when the bell rings I get up and leave, I can't take all the whispering behind my back anymore. I'm the first one out of the school when lights start flashing. I can barely see the cameras in my face, and the people behind them asking questions. I push through the crowd, and find Louis car. "Oh my that was crazy, what does the paparazzi want with me??" I ask confused. "Well you have been seen with us a couple of times. Sorry to say this, but you're famous now Shelby." he answers. I stare out the window and think.. Me, famous? It can't be... I was just a normal teenager that no one noticed. A lot has changed in two days...

  We arrive at the hotel, Louis passes me a pair of sunglasses and an extra sweater. I put them on and we walk toward the elevator hand in hand. The paparazzi look at us then turn away. We both laugh as we ride up the elevator.

  As we walk into the room Niall runs picks me up and spins me around, then gives me a kiss. "I missed you babe!" He says in his amazing Irish accent. "I missed you too." I giggle, forgetting every thing that happened at school. He smiles and kisses me again. "Get a room!" Zayn, as usual yells from the kitchen. I laugh and bite my lip. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed." Niall smiles, I give him a little shove. "Come eat Love Birdsssss." Zayn yells. We make our way to the table where Harry made his 'Famous Fajitas'.Liam lets out a loud screech as he reaches for his fork, when it turns out to be a spoon. "Seriously, you guys know I hate spoons!!" Liam frowns and throws the spoon at Zayn. "Sorry I couldn't resist!" Zayn's laughing so hard he's almost in tears. We finish eating and head to the living room to watch a movie. Half way through I can't keep my eyes open any longer. I fall asleep with my head on Nialls lap, his hand rubbing my back, and my legs across Harrys lap.

  This is all a dream I'm not really going out Niall Horan, I'm not really here with them...

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