I cant let you go

An average 12 year old girl Natalie has had a really hard life with loosing her best friend not expecting whats going to happen next an also seems to be a huge fan of One Direction. When she meets them they became best friends and everything was perfect untill life started to go wrong, will the boys help her to get through it?


24. Unexpected...

Niall's P.O.V

It's too hard to describe how happy and relieved am that Natalie is okay. When Josh told me what happened when we were in the hospital I was so pissed off I wanted to fucking kill that Lucy girl. She almost killed my girl because she said that I was hers not Natalie's. Bitch please, I have never met her in my life. After a bit we all arrived at home seeing as Natalie could come back. She has a scar and she hates it, I feel so sorry for her. When we got in the house Natalie looked really pale. Josh noticed it and looked really worried. "Nat are you okay you seem realy pale?" Josh concernly asked. "Um, yeah I'm fine, just tired I suppose." I sighed along with everyonelse. "Natalie you're not fine, I know you're not, come on." Harry said as he pucked her up and took her into the living room. I wasnt jelous though because he told me a week ago he's over her and he just loves her to bits as a friend. "NATALIE WAKE UP! SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULENCE!" Josh screamed from the living room. Huge panic ran theough my body as I called an amblulance. "HER PULSE IS STOPPING HURRY UP!"
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