I cant let you go

An average 12 year old girl Natalie has had a really hard life with loosing her best friend not expecting whats going to happen next an also seems to be a huge fan of One Direction. When she meets them they became best friends and everything was perfect untill life started to go wrong, will the boys help her to get through it?


28. Teenager...

Natalie's P.O.V

1 year later...

It's been a year since everything happened, Olivia's Dad escaped prison, I met One Direction, my Mum died, and I got slit in the throat then passed out after my operation and couldnt remember anything then after my favourite song I rememberd everything. It's the summer hollidays now and it's my birthday tomorrow. No one has said anything about it so I didn't bring anything up. I'm so bored. Sophie's at her boyfriends house. Josh is with his new girlfriend so I cant go out with him, Mike's out at work and the boys are in the studio which leaves me at mine alone. I'm on my laptop on Facebook talking to my friends and on twitter talking to the fans! I got loads of tweets asking me to do a twitcam so I did! I got loads of questions in about my age. Yes, everyone found out my real age, but I don't mind. The truth is always the best. One fan obviously knew all her stuff and tweeted in "Nat you're going to be 13 tomorrow! Finally a teenager! Let's hope Nialler and the boys do something to make you happy." aw she's sweet! "Aha! Yes I am going to be 13! A teenager at last haha! And the boys havent said anything about it yet ao I don't know. Oh shit they're back! Bye girls! Love you all!" I quickly shut down the twitcam, logged out of twitter and facebook then closed my laptop. "HI BOYS!" I shouted really loudly jumping into their arms. I kissed Niall and went to sit back down, the boys came and sat down next to me. "Nat can we watc the hunger games?" Harry asked, oh my god I love that film! I agreed and put the film on. We all fell asleep half way through the film. Well, I'm a 13 tomorrow, wow.
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