I cant let you go

An average 12 year old girl Natalie has had a really hard life with loosing her best friend not expecting whats going to happen next an also seems to be a huge fan of One Direction. When she meets them they became best friends and everything was perfect untill life started to go wrong, will the boys help her to get through it?


4. I love her...

Harry's P.O.V

I feel bad about staying at Natalie's house, but it's kind of a good thing because I like her a bit, I mean, bacicly I think I'm falling for her. She doesn't seem interested in me though, it's like she's already falling for Niall. I mean she's just beautiful. She has shoulder length brown-blonde hair, she's quite skinny and fit, but the thing that stands out the most is her perfect, blue shining eyes. I shouldn't be saynig this, she's only 12 but I like younger girls, apart from the time I went out with Caroline, argh shut up Harry you broke up with her and that's it. If I go out with Nat, I can help her through the hard times in life, obviouslt Niall wants to aswell. Her house is just amazing, it's so big, I wish I lived here.She showed us around. First the living room. There was a huge TV built into the wall, her sofa's were so big and looked amazingly comfy. Next up was the kitchen, words can not even describe how perfect it was, I honestly think Niall fell in love with it more than he's fell in love with Natalie, haha. Next up was our rooms. There were 3 floors in her house, upsatirs was her sisters and her mum's room alaong with 3 spares which were Zayn's, Louis's and Liam's, they all had bathrooms in each room, how amazing. We all went upstairs where there was Nat's room, and 2 spares which were mine and Niall's, we were happy because we were on the same floor as her. When we put our bags in our rooms we asked Nat if we could look in her room. "No." She replied, just like that, not evein giving a reason, well us boys were not the kind to give up. "3...2...1....CHARGE" We charged towards Nat who was blocking the door. Louis put her on his shoulders and pushed the door open. We were all so shocked, Louis put her back on her bed. It was a huge room, bigger than the others but that's not what we were shocked about, she had about 100 One Direction posters on her wall, I found it cute, the other boys do as well to be honest. Aw, we're living with a fan. She's more like a little sister to us now.

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